Not All Angels

Based on AMC's 'The Walking Dead' show, with our little twist. Hope you enjoy! C:
WARNING: There is sexual and graphic content. This is for Mature readers so I'm warning you now. Thanks c:


1. Heart-Stopper

((Kyle Calderon..o-o))

"So that's your master plan? Raid the camp, steal whatever shit they got?" I laughed, bending down and picking up a good sized log. "Daryl, they got kids. I ain't hurtin' no kids. There's a fucking cop for gods' sake. You'll end up gettin' yourselves killed."

Daryl groaned and squatted down, rubbing dirt between his fingers. "Will you shut up about it already? I'm trying to fuckin' hunt...sheesh, never should have brought you." He paused, examining them a bit longer. "Deer tracks..They're headin' north." He stood back up, slinging his crossbow over his shoulder. "This shits' borin', and my arms are gettin' tired." I complained. My 'job' for the group is getting fire wood...Boring and tiring. Guess I can't complain...I can't cook, clean, or really do anything useful. Depended on Merle my whole goddamn life.. "Jesus woman, do you ever shut the fuck-"

Leaves rustled, a squirrel running across the ground. It paused, biting at an acorn, trying to get it open. Daryl crouched down, raised his crossbow, aimed, and fired. Straight through the head. I scoffed in disgust "You're sick man..." He shrugged, picking up the dead, helpless animal. "You eat it too, so don't give me that, 'animal cruelty' shit." He ripped out the arrow, quickly wiping off the blood, before placing it back into its place. "Yeah...but that's like after you cook it...and...Ugh. It's just gross to see you kill it."

He tied the squirrel to the string slung around his shoulder, like he did with the others. "You're just like the rest, sentimental and shit.." He made a discussed face, before following the tracks again. "Oh, I'm sorry. You try bleeding out of your dick for a week. Or try giving fucking birth. Or maybe walking in heels? Have you ever tried walking in those things? They're like fucking-" "Just stop will ya'..?" He ran his hand through his hair, moving it out of his face. "I don't understand how Merle puts up with you.." He mumbled. I'm pretty sure he didn't even want me to hear that.

"Looks like the bastard ran uphill...These tracks are fresh." We walked a bit longer, uphill this time, making my legs ache. I just wanted to get back to camp. Just wanted to lay down...See Merle. That dickhead always seems to find trouble...but I love him.

We came in through some bushes, just to see a dead Walker and a half-eaten deer. "Aw, shit! Thats' ma' deer!!...Been trackin' this deer for miles.." He glanced over at the decapitated walker. "Until this filthy, deceased-bearing, motherless, poxy bastard!" He yelled out while kicking it's body. "Think I can still eat around the bite...?" 

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "No, dumbass. Wanna get loopy like these psychos?" The cop...Shane was it? Yeah, shook his head as well. "Yeah, wouldn't recommend that.." Daryl shrugged the issue off "Ah well...Got me some squirrel by the dozen so.."

He pushed past the wall of people, heading into camp. I was grateful I could throw this wood down and relax for a bit.  "Ey Merle, Got us some squirrel!" He yelled. No reply.. "Merle!" He yelled out again. "Um, Daryl..Kyle. How about you slow up a bit, I need to talk to ya'." Shane said hesitantly. Daryl swung around, raising an eyebrow "About what?" 

"There was some problems back in Atlanta.." I swear I could feel my heart stop beating. 

((FIRST CHAPTER...YAY.... UHM..YEAH... ~Nemo))

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