Not All Angels

Based on AMC's 'The Walking Dead' show, with our little twist. Hope you enjoy! C:
WARNING: There is sexual and graphic content. This is for Mature readers so I'm warning you now. Thanks c:


6. Guillermo

We arrived at this worn down building. We had to get Glenn back from those douche bags, and hopefully they'll take back the fucker they left behind.

I stood next to Kyle. She was the only one I really felt comfortable near right now. I actually was happy that I found someone who speaks the language I was brought up with. But of course, every guy is a dick.

"You sure you're up for this?" Rick asked T-dog. He nodded and grabbed a gun out of the bag, a sniper rifle. He loaded the gun, grabbed the bag, and walked over to his position.

"One wrong move, And you get a arrow in the ass. Just so you know." Daryl said, glaring at the kid.

"G's gonna take the arrow out of my ass, and shove it up yours. Just so you know." He mocked, being a smartass. I chuckled, and a moment later Kyle nudged me, telling me to stop. I bit my lip and contained my laughter.

"G?" Rick asked.

"Guillermo. He's the man here." The boy answered, throwing a piece of grass to the ground.

"Ok." Rick said cocking his gun. "Lets go see Guillermo."

I took my gun out of my pocket and walked behind the kid, keeping my gun up.

The doors rolled open, and we stopped. A man came out. He looked Spanish as well.

"You ok little man?" He asked.

"They wanna cut off my feet."
He looked at Rick."Cops do that?"

"Not him.This redneck puto over here. He cut off some dude hand man he showed it to me!-"

"Shut up!" Daryl said.

"Ey! Thats the guy that shot me in the ass with an arrow,man!" Another man said emerging from the dark building. He had his gun raised and his other hand on his ass. I contained my laughter.

"You shot him in the ass?" Kyle said turning to Daryl.

He shrugged. I couldn't help but smile at him. I didn't want to laugh and get us all killed but I couldn't wipe away my smile.

"Is this true? You wanted his feet? Thats pretty sick man."

"We were hoping more for a calm discussion." Rick said.

"That hill billy jumps Philippe's little cousin,beats on him and threatins to cut off his feet.Philippe gets a arrow in the ass,And you want a calm discussion? You fascinate me."

"Heat of the moment.Mistakes were made,On both sides."

The man scanned around looking at Daryl."Who's that dude to you anyway.You don't look related."

"He's apart of our group,more or less.I'm sure you have a few just like it."

He looked over at me and Kyle."And these women. You treating them right? They look a bit skinny."

"This one's alright." The boy said."The other ones a crazy!"

Kyle jolted and went to say something but quickly stopped. She looked at me and the back at the man.

"Got my boyfriend in there?"  He smirked.

"Fresh outa white boys. But I got Asian,Interested."

Rick nodded."I got one of yours,You got one of mine. I think thats a fair trade."

"Doesn't sound even to me."

The boy shrugged."G...Come on man."

"My people got hurt.Wheres the compensation for their pain and suffering? More to the point,Wheres my bag of guns?"


"The bag of guns Miguel saw on the street.The bag of guns Philippe and Jorge were going back to get.That bag of guns."

"You're mistaken."

"I don't think so."

"About it being yours."

Guillermo licked his lips."The bag was in the street.Anyone could of came around and said it was theirs.I'm supposed to take your word?"

"Whats stopping my people from unloading on you right here right now, And I take whats mine."

Guillermo's men raised their guns. I shifted my gun towards his men. My heart was beating so fast. I was scared,I didn't want to show it,but I was.

"You could do that." Rick said. He looked up at where T-dog was. T-dogs gun was pointing right at Guillermo."Or not.."

Guillermo screamed something but I didn't quite catch it. My attention was caught by two men pushing someone with a bag over their heads along side the roof. The bag was removed,It was Glenn. He had duck tape over his mouth and he looked very frightened.

"I see to options. You come back with Miguel and my bag of guns,Everybody walks. But you come back lock and loaded.Lets see which side spills more blood.

He looked back up at T-dog then descended back into the building,his men following. The doors shut and we walked back.


Rick slammed the bag of guns on the table. I stood against the wall,Kyle sitting in the chair next to me.

"Your guns are worth more then gold,But gold don't protect your family and put food on the table. Willing to give that up for that kid?"

"Yeah,Who says he will give us Glenn. He'll probably just take the guns and him and shoot us all down." I said. I don't believe those people one bit.

"Calling G a liar?"

"Are you apart of this? You wanna hold on to your teeth?" Daryl said smacking Miguel upside the head.

"Question is,Do you trust that mans word?" T-dog continued.

"No the question is what your willing to bet on it. Could be more then those guns and your life. Is Glenn worth that to you?" Daryl added.

Rick loaded a hand gun and put it in his pocket."The life I have I owe to him. I was nobody to him just some idiot trapped in a tank. He could have walked away but he didn't,And neither will I."

"So you're just gonna hand our guns over?" Kyle asked.

"I didn't say that..." Rick answered.

"Theres nothing keeping you guys here so why don't you just head back to camp." Rick said.

"And tell your family what?" T-dog asked rubbing his head.

We all stayed still until Daryl and Rick started to go through the guns. I smiled. I was ready to kick some ass.

Daryl turned around to me and Kyle." Want this one instead?" He said holding a shot gun. I smirked and went to grab the gun when I felt a hand on my ass. I turned and saw Miguel behind me.

"What the fuck's your problem?" 

"You know our group could use more chicas like yourself." He said biting his lip.

"You know you shouldn't fuck with a girl with a fully loaded shot gun in her hands?" 

"That won't be the only fully loaded thing in your hands." I had enough with this prick. I turned around and took Daryl's knife. I walked over to him and crouched down. I grabbed his face and held the knife to his neck.

"Listen ya little prick. I'm done playin' games with you. I've got two rednecks behind me that would love to tear out your fucking throat. If you keep thinking with dick, You'll be going back with out one."

"Sounds hot." He said leaning into me. I knew what he was going to do so I pushed him to the ground. I couldn't help but punch him in the face. I stopped after about 20 seconds. His nose was bleeding along with his nose.I stood up and held my hand. I was completely out of breath.

Kyle started to laugh."Good job kid! Proud of ya." She said slapping my back.

I handed the knife back to Daryl. "S-sorry...I had to...ya know?" I stammered.

His jaw had dropped and his eyes were locked on mine.He hesitated but then spoke up. "N-no its fine." He said and took back his knife. I walked over to the kid and took a rag that was sitting on top of a box and handed it to him.

(1)"Aquí, en Liberar. Cuidado con lo que dices de ahora en adelante."

He took the rag and nodded. For some reason I felt bad for what I did. I mean he deserved it but I shouldn't have been so hard on him.

(DONE ASDFGHJKL;'.Sorry for the wait XD I guess Savannah's warming up to Kyle? And Savannah basically fucked up Miguel.Hopefully that doesn't ruin anything between them and Guillermo's gang.Translations!(1)Here,clean up. Watch what you say from now on.)~CupcakeHazza

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