Not All Angels

Based on AMC's 'The Walking Dead' show, with our little twist. Hope you enjoy! C:
WARNING: There is sexual and graphic content. This is for Mature readers so I'm warning you now. Thanks c:


10. Gaining Hope and Losing Some.

"I say we put a pick-axe in his head and in the dead girls and be done with it..." Daryl said. We were all in a circle,thinking of what to do with Jim and Amy. I was standing next to Shane. I felt safe next to him.I liked him better than everyone else here.He had a leveled head.

I cleared my throat.My stomach was on edge from the smell of the burning carcasses, Body odor was literally a step up.

"Is that what you would want, if that were you?" Shane asked.

"Yeah, I'd thank you while you did it." Daryl answered.

I shrugged," He has a point. I wouldn't want infected people lying around while there's children. One false move..." I didn't want to say anymore considering the mother of the children were present.

"Yeah...Amy is just a ticking time bomb at the moment. And Jim? He's not so far behind." Kyle agreed.

"Jim's not a monster or some type of rabid dog-" Rick stated.

"I ain't sayin that!-" Kyle interrupted.

"He is a sick man. Where do we draw the line?"

"The lines pretty clear. Zero tolerance for walkers." Daryl defended.

"What if we can get them help? I heard the CDC was working on a cure."

"I heard that too. I heard a lot of things before the world went to hell." Shane said.

"What if the CDC is still up and running?"

"Well that is a stretch right there." She sighed.

"Why? If there's any government left, any structure at all,they protect the CDC at all costs. And I think its our best shot. Shelter,Protection, Rescue-"

"Now Rick I really want those things I really do. Now if they exist,They are at the army base,Fort Benet ." Shane said.

"That's about a hundred miles in the opposite direction."

"That's right. But it's away from the hot zone. Now listen to me,if that place is operational it'll be heavily armed.And we'd be safe there?" Shane asked.

"The Army were on the front lines,They got over run! We've all seen that! The CDC is our last choice, and Jim's only chance." Rick stated.

"You get some aspirin,Do what you need to do.But someones gotta have some balls to take care of this damn problem!" Daryl said running towards Jim with a pick axe. 

"Hey hey hey!" Rick and Shane said running towards Daryl holding up a gun to his dead.

"We don't kill the living." Rick stated. I put my hand on my gun. It was always a natural reaction when it came to him.

He put his cross bow down and turned around to Rick.

"That's funny, Coming from a man who just put a gun to my head..."

"We may disagree on some things,but not on this one. You put it down. Go'n" Shane said. Daryl sighed and slammed the pick axe into the ground and walked away.

Kyle sighed,running her fingers through her hair. She followed Daryl but soon departed ways.

I sat down in the shade. I was used to the humid air but I was still so hot. I grabbed a hair tie from my back pocket along with a bandanna. I tied my hair up in a bun along with the bandanna. As disgusting as it sounds,it soaked up some sweat,along with being a kinda cute way to keep unwanted hairs out of my face.

"Savannah!" I heard someone call. I grunted and turned around to see Daryl smashing in walker skulls. 

"What!" I replied. 

"Stop slackin' and pick up a axe or somin'. We gotta make sure these bitches don't come back." 

I flopped over and moaned.

"Quit the moanin' and groanin' " He said throwing over a axe. I stood up and picked up the weapon. It was already stained with walker blood. I walked over to a decaying walker and readied my axe. I let out a slight grunt before swinging it down into the walkers head. Blood spilled out from the gash.

"U-m only one hit?" I asked. Daryl turned around.

"If the head is pretty much destroyed then yeah.." I smirked. I didn't want to live in this kind of world. I know its not a picnic for anyone else,but this is just horrid.

"I'll do it.." I heard someone say behind me. I turned around and saw Carol. She was standing before a completely demolished walker. "He's my husband." My heart fell into my stomach. Her own husband? I can't imagine how hard it is to have to see your husband eaten away by flesh eating pricks.Daryl handed over his pick-axe. Carol was so fragile and quiet. 

I heard quiet sobs before she lifted the axe and smashed open his head. She picked up the axe once more and struck his head again. Her sobs became louder with every hit. Daryl looked afraid.

I wiped my hands and carefully approached her. I wanted to say something to comfort her but the only thing I could do was remove the axe from her hands and hand it to Daryl. "That'll do..." I said quietly. I rubbed her back as she walked away. She never took her eyes off of his corpse.  

I picked up my axe and went back to smashing the heads of loved ones and the assholes who raided our camp. I was about to swing when Daryl nudged me. I looked up and over at Andrea. Amy was awake, But I wasn't so sure that was Amy anymore...

"Oh my god..." My heart started to pump faster. Amy was grabbing for Andrea. Andrea was saying something to her but I couldn't make out the words. Andrea leaned into her. She raised a gun and shot her straight through the head. I jumped at the sound.


I loaded all the bodies in the back of Daryl's truck. We were going to bury the bodies of loved ones. He wanted to ask Kyle to help but I told him to leave her be. She was still hurting..

"So your brother? You think we'll find him?" I asked trying to break the silence.

He sighed slouching back in the drivers seat." Yeah. He'd never leave us behind. He's a tough son of a bitch. No one can kill Merle but Merle." I nodded. Hopefully Merle lives up to his expectations. 

"So what about you? You gonna get up and leave anytime? Anyone comin' for you anytime soon?" He looked over at me. I shrugged.

"Highly doubt it. I think I'll ride out with you guys until I get kicked out or until we get closer to where I live...But until now,I'm just here to help." I don't think my family's coming back for me anytime soon. Probably think I'm dead by now and moved on. It hurt to think about it but its true.

"Good.You should stick around anyway. We need an extra hand...seems like we're losing some everyday..." He said reassuringly. I smiled. I didn't really fit in in many places,Especially when it came to my family.

"Thanks. Means a lot." I said. He shrugged it off. 

We hopped out of the car and walked towards Rick and Shane.

"I still think its a mistake,Not burnin' these bodies. Thats what we said we'd do right? Burn em all? Wasn't that the idea?" 

"At first.." Rick said.  

"China man gets all emotional,If its not the thing to do we just follow him along?"

I put my hand on my hip. Shane sighed and hopped out of the hole he was digging.The rest of the group showed up behind us.

"These peoples need to know who the hell's in charge around here.What the rules are.."

"There all no rules.." Rick stated.

"Well thats a problem." Lori said behind me."We haven't had a minute to hold on to from our old selves. We need time to mourn,And we need to bury our dead. Its what people do." I nodded agreeing with her.

I watched as Andrea struggled to drag in her deceased sister into the freshly dug grave. "I can do it! I can do it!" Andrea said. Dale kept trying to help her. I wiped my tears away. I didn't know her well but it was still a very sad sight.

I felt a presence behind me. I turned around and saw Kyle. Her eyes were still red and glossy but she finally got herself together.

"How you feeling?" I whispered to her. She shrugged."Well..Its good to have you back.." I said with a smile.


'I've uh...been thinking about Ricks plan. Now look there are no guarantees,either way I'll be the one to admit that." We were sitting in a big circle around the dead fire pit. "I've known this man for a long time. I trust his instincts. I think the most important thing is we need to stick together." Everyone was exchanging looks. I slouched in my seat."So those who agree, We leave first thing in the morning.." Shane concluded.

I sat there for a minute. I wondered if this was a good idea.After a minute or two I got up. I walked the trail to my car. I could see a figure by my car. I grabbed my gun out of my back pocket and slowly walked up. When I got closer I could see Daryl pouring gas into my car.

"What are you doin?" He turned around.
"Rick told me you needed gas so I thought I'd fill you up real quick." He took out the nozzle and set down the can.

"There,That should be good enough for the car ride down to the CDC." I smiled.

"Thanks." I walked over to the car and leaned against it. Daryl walked back to the camp. Why is he being nice to me all of a sudden?I'm nothing but a bitch to him. I shrugged. Maybe he's just a nice guy in a bad situation.


"Those of you with CB's were going to be on channel forty. Lets keep the chatter down,ok? Now if you got a problem,Don't have a CB,Can't get signal,Anything at all,Just gotta honk your horn one time.Any questions?"

"We're uh.." A Mexican man started."We're not going." Everyone stood silently.

"We have family in Birmingham. We want to be with our people." A Mexican lady said.  

"You're on your own,you wont have anyone to watch your back." Shane said.

"We'll take the chance. I've got to do whats best for my family." He answered.

"You sure?" Rick asked.

"We talked about it last night...We're sure."

I slouched to the side. I was ready to get out of here.

"The box is half full." Shane said handing the man a gun and ammo. Daryl scoffed and walked around impatiently. 

After everyone said their goodbyes we got on the road. 

We didn't get very far before We pulled over.

"Told ya we'd never get far with that hose." I over heard Dale say.Smoke was coming from the RV. "I needed the one from the van." 

"Can you Jerry rig it?" Rick asked.

"That's all its been so far. More duct tap than anything. And I'm out of duct tape!" 

"I see somin' up a head. Gas station if were lucky." Shane said hold binoculars to his eyes.

"Y'all!" Jacqui said coming out of the RV."Its Jim! I don't think he can take much more." She quickly ran back in.

"Hey Rick. You wanna hold down the fort? I'll drive ahead and see what's up there."

"Yeah." Rick responded then descended into the RV.

I started to walk back to my car when I saw Kyle sitting on Daryl's truck." Hey!" I called to her. She looked over at me and gave me a small wave. I walked over to her. I wanted to talk to her.

"Hey..Um,how you feeling?" She shrugged.

"Why do you wanna know..?" She said stubbornly.

I sighed." Look Kyle, I just wanna talk. We don't have to talk about Merle. We can have a actual conversation. Here come here I wanna show you something." I started to walk towards my car. I heard the scuffles of her shoes behind me. I opened my door and opened the glove department.

"What kinda music are you into?" I said taking out many CD's.

"Rock and roll I guess?" She said not really caring. 

"Good,That's basically all I've got." I pilled them all on my lap." Lets see what I've got here..Areosmith,AC-DC,Metallica,Guns and Roses,Queen.." I gasped at the sight of my favorite CD."Besides all of these amazing CD's, Joan Jett is one of my favorites." I smiled.

I looked up at Kyle staring at the CD's. "Any you like? You could have some if you want. You can annoy the fuck out of Daryl."

She hesitated."Lemme see that Areosmith CD." I smiled.

"Good choice." I handed her the CD. 

"Heh, Hell yeah I'll be listening to this soon." We both laughed.

"Kyle! Savannah! Come mer'!" I heard Daryl yell.

i dumped the CD's into my bag along with all my clothes and things.We walked over to the group around the RV.

"Its what he said he wants." Rick said.

"And he's lucid?" Carol asked.

Rick took off his hat." He seems to be,yes."

"Remember back at the camp when I said Daryl might be right and you shot me down..You misunderstood. I would never go along with callously killing a man. I was just gonna suggest we ask Jim what he wants. And I think we have an answer." Dale said.

"We just leave him here and take off? Man i'm not sure I could live with that." Shane said.

"Its not your call,either one of you." Lori said. I agreed with her.


Jim was set against a tree. I didn't know him well so I just stayed behind. Everyone went up to him,saying their last words I guess. I felt kinda bad. I didn't know him but he was probably going through a lot of pain. Dale was the last one to talk to him before we all walked away.

I nodded at him because I didn't know what to say.

I hopped into my car and we all drove away. Leaving Jim to rest in peace.

We arrived at the CDC. It was filled with dead walkers. The smell was so strong. I walked with the group around the walkers. I couldn't stop gagging on the horrid smell. 

"Come on,stay quiet." Shane whispered.

"Lets go!" Rick repeated.

We walked up to the entrance,Scattered tanks and walkers filled the large campus. We finally got to the doors. They were closed. Shane and Rick tried opening the metal doors,No luck. They banged on the doors.

"No ones here..." T-dog said. I was starting to scared. I didn't want to be out here when its dark.

"Then why are these shutters down?" Rick responded.

"Walkers!" Daryl alerted. 

I raised my gun." Fuck..." I huffed under my breath.

Daryl shot the walker threw the head with his crossbow. 

"Rick this is a dead end." Shane said.

"Shanes right we can't be this close to the city after dark." Lori said hold Carl.

"Then where the hell are we gonna go!?" I asked shakily. I was scared out of my mind.

"Fort Benet,Rick. Still an option." Shane reasoned.

"On what? No food no fuel. That's a hundred miles!" Andrea said.

"Forget fort Benet we need answers tonight." Lori demanded.

"We'll think of something." Rick assured.

"Lets get out of here lets go!" Everyone screamed. I started backing up. I wanted to go but I still had a feeling about this place.

"The camera, It moved." Rick said making us all stop.

"You imagined it.." Dale said.

Rick walked closer to the door looking up at the camera."It moved,I saw it."

"Man its a automatic device. Its dead man,This place is dead you need to let it go!" Shane said trying to drag him back.

Rick ran up to the doors and banged on them."I know your in there. I know you can hear me. Please were desperate! We have women,children,No food,hardly any gas left!" Lori tried reasoning with him.

I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. "We have to go!" I screamed.

Shane managed to drag him back."You're killing us! You're killing us!" Rick finally pulled himself together and we started to run away.

Suddenly I heard a screeching sound. Light illuminated around us. I turned around and saw the doors open. Everyone stood silently. Our hope was regained.

(LONG ASS CHAPTER. My first chapter got deleted so here's this one .-. Anyway THEY FINALLY GOT TO THE CDC and were almost done with season 1! I think that season 2 is one of my favorites. But Daryl is being nicer to Savannah? And Savannah and Kyle have something in common :D until next chapter!~ CupcakeHazza.)


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