Not All Angels

Based on AMC's 'The Walking Dead' show, with our little twist. Hope you enjoy! C:
WARNING: There is sexual and graphic content. This is for Mature readers so I'm warning you now. Thanks c:


4. Dumb Dead Bastard

Kyle is really getting on my nerves. She needs to learn how to fucking contain her anger. I'm sorry that your boyfriend gets himself into trouble for being simple minded. We got to the store that Merle was left on top of.

"He better be here..." Kyle muttered.

"Were doing our best here.." Rick said.

"Well you're obviously not doing enough-"

"Just stop! Every walker in the city will be here if you don't be quiet."

Kyle just scoffed and walked into the store. I walked next to T-dog, considering he doesn't give me a hard time.

"Hold up hold up." Rick said.

Daryl stood up." I got this.."

There was a walker in the back. Daryl raised his weapon. "Damn, that is one ugly skank." The walker turned around and gave out a groan.

Daryl's bow shot out a arrow going straight into her skull. When it hit her I felt like I could feel it to,right in the pit of my stomach. I rubbed my stomach to ease the pain.

"Whats the matter,Weak stomach?" Daryl asked.

"Only when I'm around you,Dixon." I smiled just to give him hell.

We ran up the stairs and T-dog slashed the chain.

"Merle!" Kyle screamed.

"Merle! Merle!" Daryl called. We walked over to the end of the roof and looked around.

"Oh my god..." I said in a hushed tone. There was a hand laying in a pool of blood. It was Merle's.

"NO! NO!" Daryl wailed.

Kyle just stood there. Her breathing became faster. Her hair was covering her face so I couldn't tell if she was crying.

She spun around and held up her gun at Rick. Daryl raised his cross bow at T-dog. I didn't hesitate. I put my gun to Kyle's temple,Rick's was to Daryl's.

" I won't hesitate. I don't care if every walker hears it."

Kyle's hand trembled but then went down. Daryl started to cry, He may have not of shown it but you could tell.

"Fuck you guys.." Kyle walked away and went to sit on the stairs.

Daryl looked at T-dog."Y-you gotta do rag or somin?"

T-dog pulled out a blue bandanna. Daryl walked over to the lifeless hand and laid out the bandanna.

"I..I guess the saw blade was to dull for the handcuff." He picked it up my the finger and sighed."Ain't that a bitch."

I covered my mouth. I guess Merle was a tough son of a bitch.

Daryl wrapped up the hand and put it in Glenn's backpack.

"He musta used something, Like his belt. Woulda lost more blood if he didn't."

He followed the blood trail.

"Kyle! Les go!"

We followed Daryl into a room with stairs descending down."Merle! You in here!?"

We walked down the stairs. Kyle stood next to me. Her eyes were red. I felt bad for her. I know how it feels to lose someone you love. I lost my whole family all at once. I'd comfort her, but even I don't like to be bothered when I'm upset.

"Took out these bitches one handed." Daryl loaded his cross bow.

"Feed em a hammer and he'll crap out nails."

"Any man can pass out from blood loss, no matter how tough they are." Rick said and went in front of us.

"Merle!" Daryl shouted again.

"Were not alone here."

"Screw that. He could be bleeding out.You said so yourself."

We walked into a kitchen of some sorts. A flame still going on the stove.

I put my gun in my back pocket.

"Whats that burnt stuff?" Glenn asked.

"Skin. He cauterized the stump."

Glenn looked like he was about to puke.

Kyle looked out the window. She didn't really talk much since we found out Merle wasn't here.

"Told you he was tough. Nobody can kill Merle but Merle." Daryl seemed so sure of himself.

"Don't take that all on faith." Rick stated." He's lost a lot of blood."
"Yeah? Didn't stop him from bustin out of this death trap."

"He left the building?" Glenn asked. We walked up to a broken window."Why would he do that?"

"Why wouldn't he?He's alone for all he knows.Do what he's gotta do,Survivin."

"You call that survivin?" T-dog asked."Just wonderin out on the streets,Maybe passin out? Whats his odds out there?"

"Isn't worse than being handcuffed to a roof and left to rot by you sorry pricks." He turned around to Rick."You couldn't kill em. Ain't so worried about some dumb dead bastard."

"What about a thousand dumb dead bastards. Different story?"

"Why don't you take a tally,and do what you want. Imma go get him."

Rick pushed him back." Daryl wait."

"Get your hands off me!You can't stop me!"

"I don't blame you. He's family,I get that. I went through hell to find mine. I know exactly how you feel.I'm sure we all do.But he can't get far with that injury. We'll help you check around the perimeter but only if we keep a level head."

"I can do that.."

I shook my head.I really dont think he's capable of that.

"Only if we get those guns first. I'm not strollin these streets with just my good intentions,ok?"

(Ahh end of chapter 4. Sorry it was long I didn't really know where to stop. Kyle's not so happy,Daryl either. Lets just hope we can keep this hate triangle ((Daryl-Kyle-Savannah)) Happy. We don't need another fight. Until next time!~CupcakeHazza.)

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