Not All Angels

Based on AMC's 'The Walking Dead' show, with our little twist. Hope you enjoy! C:
WARNING: There is sexual and graphic content. This is for Mature readers so I'm warning you now. Thanks c:


7. Dogs

In charge of the Mexican boy. Great job. His eyes were clearly trailing Savannah's hips. To put him back in his place, I smacked him upside his head "Eyes on the road, loverboy." Back there, when Savannah gave him a beating, she gave him hell. Nearly broke the kids nose. Little fucker deserved it.

As we approached the old, worn down building from before, I grabbed the boy by his neck. I held my new M4 Carbine to his skinny back. New guns meant new toys. We grew closer, and the doors slid opened. There had to be at least 25 to 30 men, all stacked with guns. If this turned into a firefight, there would be no way we would make it out. I pushed the kid in, holding my gun steady. If I was going to die, I wasn't going down without a fight.

"I see my guns, but they're not all in the bag." G' nodded towards our loaded guns, distributed to all five of us. "That's cause' they're not yours. I thought I mentioned that." Rick frowned. The guy that Daryl apparently shot in the ass, walked up to G'. "Let's just shoot these fools right now, Unload on their asses!" I glared at the guy, mumbling a "How's your ass..?" I could see he was going to start flipping out, but G' hushed him. "I don't think you fully appreciate the gravity of the situation."

"No, I'm pretty clear." Rick mumbled, pulling out his knife. He cut the kids hands free, and shoved him forward. "You have your man, I want mine." G' paused, probably processing what he was getting at. He nodded and took a step forward "I'm gonna chop up your boy, I'm gonna feed him to my dogs. Their the evilest, nastiest, man-eating bitches you ever saw. I picked them up from Satan at a yard sale."

He paused and shook his head, looking up at Rick "I told you how it has to be, are you awfully deaf?" Rick's face hardened "My hearing's fine, you said come locked and loaded-" He cocked his gun, pointing it at G's forehead. "Okay then, we're here." I did the same, the fear growing inside of me. We were gonna' die.

It was quiet for a moment. We were all waiting for someone to shoot first. The first one to die. Something. "Philippe? Philippe!" An old woman pushed past some men, walking towards the front. "Abuela! Go back with the others!" 'Philippe' shouted.

"Ey! Get that old lady out of the line of fire!" Daryl voiced. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Savannah lower her gun. "Abuela, Listen to your hijo. This is not a place for you right now." G' turned. "He's having trouble breathing, He needs his..-" I couldn't understand what she was saying. Probably something in Spanish.

"Carlito couldn't find it! He needs his medicine." She pleaded. G' paused, sighing and turning to Philippe. "Philippe, go take care of it, okay? And take your grandmother with you!" He stressed. You could tell he was trying to be all big and bad. It didn't work out so well.

They started to walk away, but she looked back "Who are these people?" She slowly made her way in front of Rick. "Don't you take him. Philippe's a good boy, he has his troubles, but he'll pull himself together. We need him." Her face softened, maybe trying to convince him. Rick paused, lowering his gun. "Ma'am...I'm not here to arrest your grandson."

"Then what do you want him for..?" She questioned. "He's....helping us find a missin' person...A fella' named Glenn." Rick looked at her kindly. "The Asian boy? Come, Come, I show you." She gently took Rick hand, "He needs his medicine." She began walking forward, pulling Rick along. G' sighed, looking defeated "Let em' pass.."


A nursing home. That's what they were protecting. Are you fucking serious...? We came to a large, white room. People were gathered around one old man, who seemed to be having short of breath. This is why I...disliked old people. All their gonna do is die...eventually. This place reeked of death and prunes..

Chinese boy was there, he looked fine to me. "What the hell is this..?" Rick asked, clearly confused. He had every damn right to be confused. We thought the kid was being tortured. "Asthma attack...Cant catch his breath all of the sudden." He responded, crossing his arms over his chest. "We thought you were bein' eaten by dogs, man!" T-Dog frowned.

Glenn stepped to the side, glancing at some ankle-biter, Chihuahuas. One of them gave a high-pitched bark, sticking its ears up. "Ahhhhhhhhh.......!" Savannah took her gun, and shoved it into Daryl's chest. "What the hell?" He fumbled with it for a second, watching her fall to the ground.

At first I thought she was hurt or somethin', but she picked up one of the dogs. They crawled all over her, licking her face and barking loudly. "Can I have a word with you..?" I heard Rick mumble through clenched teeth. He took G' away, talking to him privately. I couldn't make out what he was saying... I turned to Glenn, patting his shoulder "Glad to see your not hurt, Asian boy." He smirked, and fixed his hat "Yeah well, these people aren't exactly 'dangerous'."


"That's not who we are.." Rick finished, licking his bottom lip. "How was I suppose to know? Our people got attacked, and you show up with Miguel hostage..." G' paused, before continuing "Appearances."

"Guess the world changed.." T-dog shook his head. "No. It's the same as it ever was, but that we couldn't take it. But we do what we can here, the vatos work on those cars, talking about getting the old people out of the city...But most cant even get to the bathroom themselves, so that's just a dream....Still it keeps the crew busy.." G' sighed, looking down for a moment. "That's worth somethin'.." He finished.

I walked out of the room. I didn't feel like having a wave of depression wash over me currently. Already, in the pit of my stomach I could feel guilt. These old people, had no idea how bad it is outside... This place would most likely fall.

I decided I would just go back to where Savannah hung out, still playing with the dogs. "Havin' fun?" I asked, sitting in a chair nearby. "Yeah, they're really playful...and cute...and tiny...and-" She stopped when the Mexican boy, and Philippe slowly approached.

The Mexican boy rubbed the back of his neck, avoiding her eye contact. "Miguel.." Philippe warned, hitting the side of his head. 'Miguel' sighed, and cleared his throat "Uh... Hey. I was told to apologize for my... rude behavior earlier.." He mumbled, looking down. Savannah smiled, and kissed her hand, lightly slapping his face "Its fine, I don't keep grudges." He perked up, giving a smile. It looked like he was going in for a hug, but Philippe grabbed the back of his shirt, tugging him away.


"Admit it, you only came back to Atlanta for that hat." Glenn smirked. "Don't tell anybody." Rick mumbled. We were heading back to our truck, so close to 'home'. I could still feel the weight of Merle's 'death' on my shoulders. I just...didn't feel...well anything. Not sadness, despair... nothing.

"You've given away half our guns and ammo." Daryl sighed, obviously unpleased. "Not nearly half..." Rick defended himself. "The old farts are gonna' die anyway. Man, how long do you think they got?" Daryl frowned. "How long do any of us..?" We came around a city bus, where we left the truck.

It wasn't there. Gone. Nothing. "Oh my god.." Glenn said in disbelief. "Where the hells' our van?!" Daryl paced in anger. "We left it right there! Who would take it?!" Glenn yelled. It was quiet. We were all thinking of the crazy son of a bitch who would take it.. I didn't want to say it, but theirs only one person I know.. "Merle." Rick stated.

I didn't know how to react. Happiness overwhelmed me. I did a jump thing, punching the air "That crazy son of a bitch is alive!!"

((HEYEYYEYEY DONEEE! C: I got grounded...that's why it took so long..yeah... YAY AT MY SHITTY MATH SKILLS! c: ~Nemo))




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