Not All Angels

Based on AMC's 'The Walking Dead' show, with our little twist. Hope you enjoy! C:
WARNING: There is sexual and graphic content. This is for Mature readers so I'm warning you now. Thanks c:


2. Crazy Woman

(Savannah Ross :D)

"There was some problems back in Atlanta."

Daryl scanned around. Glancing over at me and then back at Shane. Kyle looked pale.

"Is he dead?"

He looked like a cornered mouse.

"We're not sure..." Shane said softly.

"What do you mean 'You don't know?" Kyle snapped.

Rick walked up to them."There isn't any easy way to say so I'll just say it..."

Daryl gave him a dirty look."Who are you?" 

"I'm Rick Grimes." Rick replied.

"Rick Grimes?" He mocked."You got somethin' you wanna tell me?" 

You could tell that they were not the most charming people by the way they answered people.Though I think I'd act the same if I found out the my brother could possibly be dead and no one tried to help it. 

"Your brother was a danger to us all,So I hand cuffed him to a roof,Hooked him to a piece of metal.He's still there..."

T-dog walked in holding fire wood.

"Ok so hold on..." Daryl said walking back.He wiped his face,I couldn't tell if he was crying or if he was just wiping the large amount of sweat away from his brow. Kyle fell to her knee's,hands covering her face.

"Lemme process this.Your sayin' you hand cuffed my brother to a roof,And you left him there!" He yelled.

"Yeah..." Rick said sounding quite unhappy with his decision.

Daryl walked back,Not taking his eyes off of Rick.I knew something was going to go down.Daryl grunted and threw his line of squirrels at Rick.Shane rammed into Daryl before he could go after Rick.

He fell to the ground and took out a knife.

"Hey hey watch the knife!" Shane said trying to reason with him.

I took out my gun and held it up.I wasn't going to shoot,I just wanted to make sure everything was under control.

Daryl swung at Rick but he was smart and backed up.Shane and Rick quickly teamed up and grabbed him.

Shane put Daryl into a choke hold.

"BES' LET ME GO!" Daryl screamed.

"Nah I think its better if I don't." Shane said.

Daryl struggled to get free."Choke hold illegal!"

"Ok,then you can file a complaint." He said resting him to the ground.Rick knelled down to his level.

"I'd like to have a calm discussion about this topic,do you think we can manage that?" Rick asked.

Daryl didn't give a reply.

"Do you think we can manage that?" Rick repeated.

"No we can't fucking manage that! You left my fucking boyfriend on a god damn roof.Its hotter than Satan's balls out here and if you haven't noticed, there are infected people biting everyone! He could be dead!" She choked on her last sentence. I could see it was hard for her.

Shane let go of Daryl.He stood up and choked on his breath.Shane walked over to me trying to catch his breath as well.

I lowered my gun and looked at Shane."I had a feeling something was gonna happen."

Shane smiled."Smart." He was breathing heavily.

"Your brother does not work or play well with others." I heard Rick say to Daryl.

"Hold up." T-dog said."I had the key,But I dropped it."

"You couldn't pick it up?" Daryl said. Kyle started to shuffle her feet.

"I dropped it down a drain..." 

Daryl hung his head.I could hear slight sobs.


I felt my blood boil.I hated discrimination. I had a great deal of racism when I was younger. My mother is Spanish and so am I and the rest of my brothers. Though I speak perfect English,Spaish is technically my second language.

"Hey,Kyle is it?"

She spun around.


I cleared my throat."I hope you know that the Africans didn't come over here by choice.They were brought here to be slaves. And when the law was past to end slavery an later on segregation that gave them equal rights. So these "Niggers" have the same rights as you and me maybe even more if you think about it."

She stood there just staring."Thanks for the history lesson.."

"Your welcome.Seems like you needed it.I didn't wanna see you embarrass yourself anymore..."

"You know what FUCK YOU!-"

"Hey hey stop! Savannah,We talked about this already. Kyle,you just need to calm the hell down."

She gave me a disgusted face before walking away.  

"Just tell me where he is,So I can go get em.."

"He'll show you." Lori said.

Rick licked his lips."I'm going back." 

Daryl walked by me."Put that gun away Missy,I'm the last person you wanna raise a gun to."

I raised my middle finger up to him.

"I'll break that finger." He said trying to intimidate me.

"And I'll break your jaw..."

He shook his head."I'd keep your mouth shut.Shit like that will get ya killed."

"That shit you pulled just then?I'm surprised no one did kill ya.."

He scoffed."Whatever,I ain't get time for bitches like you."

I smiled."Good,I ain't got time for redneck pieces of shit like you.That counts for you and your crazy girl."

He walked away flipping me off.

I had mixed feelings about this guy.I already knew my feelings towards the girl.

(:DD That was really hard to fit in considering I already wrote my story but it'll be fun :D! Hope you liked it.~CupcakeHazza)

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