Not All Angels

Based on AMC's 'The Walking Dead' show, with our little twist. Hope you enjoy! C:
WARNING: There is sexual and graphic content. This is for Mature readers so I'm warning you now. Thanks c:


3. Blood's Thicker Than Water

"Fuckin' bitch. Needs to stay the fuck out of mah' business.." I mumbled, clenching my teeth. I could feel the anger boiled up inside of me, ready to burst. I kicked a tree as hard as I could, yelling out a "Fuck!" with it. God, a smoke would go good right now..

I huffed, walking to my tent. It was small, but its not like we needed a lot of room. When I say 'we' I obviously mean Merle and I. I grabbed my bag, digging to the bottom and grabbing a hair tie. I threw my hair up, just to get it out of my god damn face. I dumped out the contents of my bag onto the plastic sheet in the tent. I rummaged through it, shoving my gun into the back of my pants.

I was about to turn and head back to the group, but noticed Merle's hunting knife. I grabbed that too, sliding it into my boot. I zipped the tent back up, getting a rush of adrenaline. I just hope God that he isn't dead. I walked back into camp just to hear a commotion. Great.

"Could you just...Could you just throw me a bone here. Could you just tell me why?" Shane asked that 'Rick Grimes' guy. Nothing I should really be concerned with until.. "Why you would go and risk your life for a douche bag like Merle Dixon?"

I clenched my hands into fists, that same boiling feeling back. I could punch Shane in his god damn throat. "Hey! I'd choose your words more carefully." Daryl growled. "Oh, I did. Douche bag's what I meant." That's was it.

"Wanna' say that one more time, dickhead?! Go ahead, give me a fuckin' reason to not shoot you! It ain't like you doin' shit for this so called 'group'. I don't see you out there, bein' a productive member. Some cop.." I shifted my weight onto my other leg. "Jesus...Why is everyone so hostile today?" That girl.. Savannah mumbled. I scoffed, rolling my eyes. I could tell that girl was going to get on my nerves...a lot.

"So you, Daryl, and Kyle? That's your big plan?" Lori asked with a concerned look. She can fool everyone else, but she ain't fooling me...I know she fucked Shane. Rick stopped for a minute, before glancing over to the Chinese kid, and Savannah.

"Oh come on..." He frowned. "You know the way. You've been there before. In and out no problem. Said so yourself. I know its not fair of me to ask, but I would feel much safer with you along. And I know she would too." Rick pointed back at Lori.

Rick turned to Savannah next. "You. You're a fighter. You said so yourself you would come." She nodded. "Yeah, I know...I know..." Shane laughed. "Now that's just great. Now you're gonna' risk two men, Kyle, and a girl! She's just a kid."

"Five." T-dog said.

Daryl scoffed. "My day just keeps gettin' better and better don't it." I starred at him, my jaw clenched. "Who the fuck invited you?!" I hissed. "See anyone else steppin' up to save yo boyfriend's cracka' ass?"

"Why you?" Daryl stepped in before me. "Wouldn't even begin to understand. You don't speak my language." He smirked. My hatred for that man was unsafe. He comes along, I might just have to shoot him...but that's okay. It would be an accident.

"Well that's five!" A older man said...Dale, I think...Not like I give a shit. "Its not just five. You're putting every single one of us at risk. Just know that, Rick. Now come on. You saw that walker! It was here, In camp! If they move out of the cites, and they come back we're going to need all able bodies here. To protect!" Shane argued.

"What it seems like you need more of is guns." Rick replied. "Right." The Chinese kid added. "Guns."

"What kind of guns?" Shane asked, obviously interested in the topic. "Six shot guns, Two high powered rifles, and over a dozen hand guns." Rick licked his lips. "I cleaned out the cages back at the station. But, I dropped the bag back in Atlanta when I got swarmed. Its just sitting there on the street waiting to be picked up."

"Ammo?" Shane asked. Rick nodded "Seven Hundred rounds." Lori frowned, now speaking her mind. If you'd ask me, I'd say I don't give a shit. I'm going back for Merle, whether I have others behind me or not. "You went through hell to find us. And now your just gonna turn around and leave?" Her son, Carl shook his head "I-I dont want you to go.."

Carl's a good kid...He really is. He's just in a messed up situation, being isolated and all.. "Shane is right. Merle Dixon? He isn't worth any of your lives even with guns thrown in." I bit my tongue, holding back the urge to shoot the bitch. "I'm standin' right fuckin' here!"

Everyone just pissed me the fuck off. I turned around, walking back to the white moving van. I opened the back door, climbing in, and slamming it shut.


After awhile, letting myself calm down, the back door of the truck opened. "We goin' to get Merle." Daryl smirked, setting himself across from me. "Thank fuckin' God. I was bout' to take the damn keys and go myself." I mumbled, loading the clip of my handgun.

Savannah and that good-for-nothin' black nigger hopped into the back, shutting the door for a moment before the truck started moving. "So tell me again why this bitch had to come along?" Daryl scoffed. "Excuse me?" Savannah raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms over her chest. "Bad enough we had to bring the fucker who dropped the key, but you too?"

"The fuck did I do?!" She clenched her teeth, her eyes steadied on him. "You be a little asshole, treatin' me like I'm fuckin' stupid or some shit." I wasn't the brightest...hell, I didn't even finish high school. It's my fucking families fault.. Ma' being a alcoholic, Dad being a druggie. Not to mention he sold those fuckers. My brother was the one who kept me alive until Merle came along.

"Well I'm sorry that you were being a fuckin' dumbass, being racist and shit." She laughed, a stupid smirk plastered to her lips. I growled, and was about to tear the bitches throat out, but there was a bang coming from the front. "Daryl, Kyle! Stop it, would ya'?! Savannah, we talked about this."

"Um, They started with me! You lucky I don't blow both of your fucking brains out now! Then we don't gotta risk our lives tryin' to get your good for nothing brother-" She yelled at Daryl, now turning to me "and your scumbag boyfriend who's probably dead by now!"

I raised my fist "I'll fuckin' beat you bitch! You take that back!! Bet you don' know shit about loosin' someone!" I screamed. She shook her head. "You don't know anything about me!" Daryl laughed, responding with "I know you're a whiny bitch."

She put her hand on her gun. "Me? I'm not the one complaining they left his 'Big Bruder' on a roof. Cry me a fucking river asshole. You're like in your 30's, and I'm more mature than you." I went to reach down into my boot, get the knife I shoved in there, but the car jolted to a stop.

I hit the metal wall, leaving a small dent. "Fuck!!" I yelled, holding my arm. "Could have at least warned me, assholes!!" It wasn't broken, but it would defiantly bruise. Daryl walked over to the door and opened it. He jumped out, steading his crossbow. Next went 'T-Dog', followed by Savannah.

"Here." T-dog said holding out his hands. Savannah grabbed them and jumped down. She wasn't the tallest, pretty short actually. Maybe around like 5'5. "Thanks." She smiled. "Oh great, lets get together and have a fuckin' tea party. Will ya' fuckin' move?!" I cracked my neck, a kink stuck in it. She rolled her eyes, and walked over to the group. I took out my gun, following in her steps.

"Okay, The guns or Merle first?" Rick asked. "Merle, obviously! A man's life is more important than your 'precious' guns." I frowned. I just wanted to find Merle. Actually know what happened to him. Daryl nodded "Yeah, we go find Merle."

((Yeah..I know. Kyle and Savannah don't get along XD But what's gonna happen? :ooo ~Nemo))

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