Love My Way!

An Guy Named Aoi That Can tell Lies Thourgh ppl, Thinking that Everyone is the same. In The New school He Goes To Everything Changes.


1. Intro.

Aoi: "Lies... There All Lies" -Breathing Out His Last Breaths-  Taking out A charm that is most precious to him. He holds it tight, and at that moment...everything goes black.

A Few Weeks Later....

Haru: -Alarm Clock Rings- She Wakes Up To See That she's Late for First day of School "Oh No! I Must Hurry!" She gets up and dresses then runs down to the kitchen to get an toast for the road as she waves off to her mother.

As She Runs To School She Suddenly Bumps Into Something.

"Ouch" she Says As She Falls.

Not Knowing That Pass. That Moment Changed Her Fate.

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