Love My Way!

An Guy Named Aoi That Can tell Lies Thourgh ppl, Thinking that Everyone is the same. In The New school He Goes To Everything Changes.


3. Haru's Beginning

"Ouch" I Said Rubbing My Butt Feeling like this is Deja Vu As I look up I see an gang Surrounding me , Scared I get up as fast as I can And Try to run through them but suddenly I get jerked back roughly seeing that they pinned me down, Fearing that something bad is happening. Just then the thugs suddenly faint, Confused I stand up and turn around to see something moving I hurrily grab my bag and run off.

As I get off the subway I walk home and enter the house, "Im home" I say , to see that my mom left an note on the table. 'I've gotten an new job in another town, I won't be home for an while I know you can do okay on your own I left money in your drawer love you!' I sign thinking that she  usallys does this every month , I leave the note there  and heads to my room.

I lay my bag down and dresses into my pjs feeling tired, I lay in my bed and close my eyes.

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