Love My Way!

An Guy Named Aoi That Can tell Lies Thourgh ppl, Thinking that Everyone is the same. In The New school He Goes To Everything Changes.


2. First Sight

As She Opens Her Eyes She sees an tall slim guy Walking away, "Hey!" She Says To the guy but he doesn't turn around , nor listens. Pouting she gets up patting herself off then running pass the guy making an face at him making her feel so much better as she smiles as she runs to school she barley makes it on time as she sits down in her desk the Her Teacher Miss Kim Walks in. "Hello Class" Miss Kim says "Today We Have An New Transfer Student"

Tilting Her Head She wonders who's The new transfer student is, As she thinks the other classmates whispers to each other ifs its an boy or girl. 

"Quiet Down Class" The class gets quiet then she nods towards the door and the door opens and the new transfer comes in.

All the girls Gasp As an tall slim guy comes in. As she sees the guy come in she remembers bumping in to him.

The Teacher Asks Him To introduce himself

Aoi: My Name is Aoi He Says With An intelligent Voice ,She Blushes To see That He Actually looks good

Aoi turns her way and looks silently for an while and takes and seat behind her. 'I wonder if he remembers   this morning and why is he sitting behind me?!, nervously she sits straight and pays attention in class.

 As The School Day finishes Haru Packs Up her Things And heads off, as she walks she sees Aoi Walking. Cirous She follows him around, He Heads To An Store then Heads to An mansion like house, Amazed The house Looked So Beautiful Moon-Like House. Aoi Walks In And closes The Door. Still Amazed Haru notices Its Already Dark, In an Hurry She Runs The Way She came From As she turns the left She Bumps Into something 'Again?' She thinks Rubbing her head.

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