Traveling Through Time

Kayla was best friends with Niall James Horan before he left her to go on the X - Factor. He totally forgot about her and stopped calling and texting her. Kayla had a crush on Niall before he left and still thinks she has got it in her even though she was hiding it from herself. She gets in a moment where they are left alone when she has to work with them what should she to break the silence?


1. Really!!??

Kayla's POV:

Ugh. Why do I have to get up so early for work all the time? I think to myself as I shut my alarm clock off. I had to go down to the Today Show because I was doing Justin Biebers make-up and hair. He was 1 of the last people I like to do make - up on. I just choose to make the most of it and just get ready. I live with my 4 best friends, Alex, Megan, Kye and Jo (Josie). We all met at the make - up school we went to. I ran downstairs to eat with them. "Hi! :)" Jo, Kye, Alex and Megan said as I came down the stairs of our house we share. Jo made me a plate of silver -  dollar pancakes and a glass of orange - juice. I try to squirt the whole bottle of syrup, before Megan grabbed it out of my hand. "What was that for?" I question Megan "You were going to use the whole bottle before i got to it!!" Megan replied I finished my breakfast and ran upstairs to change for work. I slipped on, a pair of black skinny jeans and a pink tee that had neon green letters that spelled out "Keep Calm and Dream On" then my sparkly, silver Toms. 


Then grabbed my keys and left.

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