Traveling Through Time

Kayla was best friends with Niall James Horan before he left her to go on the X - Factor. He totally forgot about her and stopped calling and texting her. Kayla had a crush on Niall before he left and still thinks she has got it in her even though she was hiding it from herself. She gets in a moment where they are left alone when she has to work with them what should she to break the silence?


3. Demi

Kayla's POV :

I got a text from Demi:




D:Is it okay if I bring a few more people with us to lunch?

K:Sure! :) I'll be there soon!

D: Kk bye! :)


With that I was already half way there.



So sorry for such a short chapter. :( No hate I kinda get right to the point and do not make it long and interesting at least not with my first few movallas. Sorry, again hope you are enjoying please comment what you think even if you hate it! :)



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