Traveling Through Time

Kayla was best friends with Niall James Horan before he left her to go on the X - Factor. He totally forgot about her and stopped calling and texting her. Kayla had a crush on Niall before he left and still thinks she has got it in her even though she was hiding it from herself. She gets in a moment where they are left alone when she has to work with them what should she to break the silence?


2. DaFilrt Rejected

Kayla's POV:

I was going through security to get to the building I was doing Justin's make - up in. When I finally got in I was greeted by a million people who worked for Justin till I found him in his dressing room. Right, as I walked in he started to flirt with me. This is one of the reason's I mostly reject his offers for me to do his make - up. This time though he was paying me a lot so I took the job. Starting to lay out my stuff I said "Yo JB sit down." he came over and sat in the chair that was by me. "So, how are you going to do my make - up today?" JB asked "I am going to do a simply thing and just make your face a little lighter and chap stick." I replied "Umm, Kayla want to go catch a movie after this ?" Justin flirted to me while I applied consealer "Nah, I have better things to do." I replied "Ouch, that stings a little." he said just as I finished putting chap stick on his lips. Then left to go on stage. I started to pack up but realized I forgot to go check in with my boss (Sarah) she hates it when I forget to check in. She wants me to make sure I did everything right and my client looks good. I just let it go. I stayed to watch the show but in the middle I got hunger and left.  I TOTALLY FORGOT I WAS HAVING LUCH WITH DEMI LAVOTO!!


I finished cleaning up the make - up and left with my stuff into my car.

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