Untitled (first draft)

She thought the only danger was in fairytales. She thought it wasn't really real. She was wrong.

Still child-like in some ways, everyone knows that Ste'hanie is afraid of the dark. As things in her life start to turn weird, more than one someone appears from her past; the only problem is, they're not alone...

How long will it take for her to uncover the truth? Will she understand what's happening before it's too late? Why are people keep mysteriously dissapearing and turning up in strange places, insisting 'everything is as it should be'.

Things seem to be stirring and she's prepared to find out why.


1. Prologue - First Meeting

A small yellow ball sailed through the air. There was a thud as it hit the ground, then it rolled across the ground, coming to rest besides a clump of wild daisies. A young girl sitting on a pale rose coloured blanket, peered around a large red and white checkered picnic basket. She stared at the ball. There was something written on it's side - small squiggly letters written in neon green. Curious, the girl picked up the ball. Slowly, she read what it said, her finger moving across the words as she did. It said 'My Balll, Plees Retern'. She frowned. My ball? Who would write that on their ball? She looked around; there was no one by the hibiscus near the door, which was being propped open by a metal and stained glass fairy statue - one of many. She looked over at the house next door. It had been empty for about a month now; the Wilson's, who had rented the house for almost a year, had moved to Australia to be near their son Samson, who was getting married. Their daughter Genie, who was a few years older then her, had sometimes played with her, had told her that the owners wouldn't be moving in for a while, so there shouldn't be anyone there. She turned her head to look behind her. There was a big tree near the back, one that nobody could identify, or even remember planting. She stood up. Holding the ball in her hands, she walked towards the back of the garden and peered around. No one there. So where had it come from?                                                                                     "Hey!".                                                                                                                                              She jumped. Swinging around, she stared at where the voice had come from - the house next door. Clutching the ball tightly to her chest, she walked slowly over to the old stone wall. She paused, listening for a moment. Nothing. Her fron deepened as she turned away. She had just taken a step when -                                                                                                                          "Is anybody there?".                                                                                                                           She twirled round, staring at the wall in shock. "H...Hello?" She hesitantly called out.                   "Hey! Oh good! Can I have my ball back?" a girl's voice floated over.                                            Gripping the top of the wall with her fingers, she stood on her tip toes and looked over the wall. The grass had grown quite a bit over the past couple of weeks, so now it was really over grown, and the flowers, which had grown over the edges of the once neatly trimmed flower beds where wilting in some places, from lack of care, (although she had aimed the hose over the wall several times, in attempts to water them).                                                                                                             And there, standing at the edge of the garden was a young girl, about her age. She was wearing a pale yellow sundress, white sandals, and had long wild russet brown hair, held back by two shiny butterfly clips, one green, one blue and pink. Her silvery green eyes seemed to sparkle as her widened into a grin. She stared at the girl, a smile slowly stretching across her face

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