1D Imagines

About fans who want a short story about One Direction!


7. Regitze's Imagine With Zayn

I walked into my favourite art store and I was looking for a certain paint colour. I was testing paints for this painting that I have to do for my sisters high school graduation.

"Can I help you?" A Bradford accent said behind me.

I turned and saw a very cute worker.

"I'm just looking for a bright teal," I responded.

"I'll go look in the back."

He walked away and I found some more colours that I may need for this painting. The worker walked out of the back room and handed me the bright teal.

"Thank you."

"Are you ready to check out?"


He walked behind the counter and I set all of the paint on the counter. I noticed on his little name tag that his name was Zayn. I think I've seen him somewhere else then today.

"Your total is £15.95."

I gave him £16.00 and he handed me £.5 back. He gave me my recite and a different piece of paper. I smiled and said thank you. He opened the door for me and I blushed a little. I read the piece of paper while I was walking to my car. It said:

My number is 1 (565) 879-5241. Text me or call me anytime. - Zayn

I smiled and punched his number into my phone.


It's been a few weeks and Zayn has taken me on three dates. He's came over to my house while I was painting my sisters painting. He helped me and Zayn helped me finish it. I've invited him to my sisters graduation, which wasn't for another month or so.

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