1D Imagines

About fans who want a short story about One Direction!


3. Melissa's imagine with Louis

   The birthday of our twins, Aubrey, and Josh. Louis was playing with the kids, and having them laugh. I was taking care of the party, as everyone huddled under the tent. It was a heat record in Doncaster, in fifty years. It's a topping 95 degrees. Louis was setting up the water jump house, my mum was setting up the slip'n'slide, and I was getting the water buckets ready. Aubrey wanted to do a huge water fight for the party.

   "Lou?" I yelled across the yard.

   "Yeah babe!?" He responded. 

    "Can you get the kids ready for all the water stuff?"


    I got all the kids in line, with loaded water guns, and buckets. Even though they're six year olds, they look pretty strong. Aubrey, and Josh came out first. Louis took a little while to come out, and that gave me plenty of time to get the twins in line with the other kids. Louis walked out, and the kids yelled, FIRE! Louis froze, and got pelted with water. He ran over to me, and hide. The kids got me, and then Louis lifted me up, and he threw me into our inground pool. He gave me his hand, and I pulled him in. The rest of the kids jumped in. Aubrey, and Josh swan over to us. Louis leaned in and kissed me. Then the party slowly got thinner. Louis carried me bridal style into the house, and I was holding the sleeping children. We put them to bed, and I sat down on the couch. Louis came, and sat next to me. I put my head on his shoulder, and we cuddled, for a little while. We were so happy, that I forgot to tell Louis the news. 

   "Lou...I'm pregnant."


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