1D Imagines

About fans who want a short story about One Direction!


9. Jeanie's Imagine With Harry

I was grabbing my bag from the floor. I walked out of my English class and saw my best guy friend, Harry Styles. He rustled my hair and I readjusted my beanie. I'm not the typical girl that would be seen with Harry because he's one of the popular's and I'm just a 'nerdy' girl. 

"JEANIE!!" Harry exclaimed.

"HARRY!" I responded.

He engulfed me with a hug and I blushed. I've always liked Harry but I don't think he'll ever fall for a girl like me. I'm really shy when I like a guy but with Harry I'm normal but my heart starts pounding faster and I get butterflies in my stomach.  

"I have to show you something," Harry whispered. 

He led me to a old empty English room, that they use to store desks. I sat down on one of the desk and he wrote something on the board. I looked for something in my bag and looked up. Harry had written:

Will You Be My Girlfriend?

I looked for Harry but didn't see him in the room. I felt arms wrap around me and spin me around. I was pushed against the wall. It was Harry. 

"So...what do you say?"


He kissed me and I felt like I was in heaven. 

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