1D Imagines

About fans who want a short story about One Direction!


4. Izz's imagine with Harry

   "Harry's coming home today," I thought to myself.

   My roommate was laying on her bed, reading a book. I was staring out the window, waiting for Harry's car. I saw many different cars pull up, and all of them weren't Harry's. I sighed, and sat down on my bed. Jenifer looked over at me, and set down her book. 

   "What's wrong, Izz? Jenifer asked.

   "Harry hasn't arrived yet...and I was hoping we could do something together, around town," I responded. 


   After a few minutes of silence, my phone started ringing. It blinked Harry, and I sprawled out on my bed. I smiled, and slid the answer button. 


   "Hey Babe."

   "Where are you?"

   "I'm stuck at the airport, because there's a storm."

    "Okay...I'll see you later?"

    "Yeah. I'm really sorry babe."

I slipped my shoes on, and grabbed my sweatshirt. I closed the dorm room door, and headed down the hallway. Everyone was chatting in the tiny hallway. It was hard for me, to get to the front of the dorm's. Once I got to it, I walked straight out, and walked into the local park. I sat down on the bench, and someone sat down next to me. He was wearing a gray beanie, and sunglasses.

   "Hey babe," he said, with a thick northern British accent. 

   "Harry?" I responded.


   "How'd you get here?"

   "Paul drove me from the airport."


   "But I'm here for one reason, and one reason only."

   Harry got up from the bench, and got down on one knee. He pulled out a black box. 

   "Izz, will you marry me?"

   I put my hand to my mouth, and nodded. He put the ring on my finger, and lifted me up. He beanie fell off, and some girls realized it was him. We ran back to my dorm room, and watch movies with Jenifer for the rest of the night.  

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