1D Imagines

About fans who want a short story about One Direction!


11. Blare's Imagine With Niall

I saw this new guy moving in, next door. He's pretty cute. Too bad I'm already in an relationship. My boyfriends name is Jeremy. He's not the guy I would go out with, but he's actually really sweet. I do have the feeling that he's cheating on me though.

"Hey. Blare...you okay?" My roommate, Mallory asked.  

"Yeah...I'm just looking at the new guy moving in next door," I responded.

"Ohhh...the NEW guy. I've heard that he's moving back to his home town. But here he is."

"Who's moving in next door?"

"You seriously don't know?"

"No, I've been working crazy hours and barely watch the news these days."

"Niall Horan is moving in next door."

I didn't think that it was Niall. I didn't know he was going to buy the vacant house next door. No ones lived there since before I moved in with Mallory. I am a nurse in training, well more like a nurse. I work basically from seven to seven, sometimes later. I'm always the one that's on call and I barely get any sleep.

"Blare, are you going to get the door? I'm trying to study and I can't ruin my mojo."

I walked over to the door and opened it up. Niall Horan stood there.

"Hi. I'm Niall Horan, and I'm going to be your new neighbor," he said.

"H-h-hi. I'm Blare," I responded.

I suck out my hand. He gladly took it. I offered Niall inside to meet my room mate. He accepted that too. I was surprised. Some superstars are selfish and rude. Niall's different from most superstars. One Direction defines superstars.  

Mallory didn't even notice Niall and I in the kitchen. She was focused on her college textbook. I led Niall into the quiet study.

"Sorry about Mallory. She's studying for a huge exam that's in..."

I looked at my watch, and wrote something down. I could feel Niall's eyes on me as I wrote.

"In exactly 15 hours and 23 minutes."

"Are you a lefty?"

"Yeah...I'm the only one in my family that writes left handed. They think it's a defected gene, but that's just how I started writing when I was little."

"Wow...well I should probably get back to moving. I'll see you later?"


Niall left and I was left alone in the study. He's very attractive in person, then most girls say. I have seen some hate towards him but I don't understand why. He's a very nice and sweet guy.

------------------few weeks later----------------

I was waiting for Jeremy to pick me up one night for a date, and he never showed up. I called him and texted him a ton of times and no response. I had decided to drive over to his house. That was the worse mistake of my life.

Jeremy was with another girl. He was cheating on me with one of my best friends. Now we aren't best friends and she knew that we were dating. I just couldn't believe that Hilary would do that to me.

"Jeremy! We're through!" I screamed.

I sprinted out of his house and drove home. I sat on my driveway for a good half hour before someone came and knocked on my window. It was Niall.

"Love, you okay?" He asked.

"No...I just found out that my now ex boyfriend was cheating on me with my now ex best friend," I responded.

"Oh. Here we can go watch movies and eat ice cream...only if you want."

"I would like that."

Ever since that night, Niall and I have hung out ever since. I can tell that he likes me and we may become a couple. I don't know though. Only time will tell.

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