1D Imagines

About fans who want a short story about One Direction!


6. Ariana's imagine with Niall

I had met my boyfriend, Niall at one of his concerts. We fell madly in love. We’ve taken a few breaks, but that’s because I was trying to finish college, and he was busy on tour. I had just finished my degree in teaching. So now I am searching for a job, and it’s getting hard...the school year is almost starting. I was starting to get stressed, plus i’ve sent my resamae to so many different schools. Not a single one of them has called me for a face to face interview. I was about ready to give up for the day, when a email caught my eye. It was from Niall...but it was a job interview for a elementary in Mullingar...considering we live in London, then I’d have to move to Niall’s old home town. I read the rest of the email.

  Boo...I’m coming home, the day you are probably reading this. I found us a place in Mullingar, where we can live. I know that it’s a short notice, but I think this is a good job opportunity. They are willing to do a over the computer interview with you.

  “Whatcha reading?” A irish accent said in my ear.

  I turned and saw Niall standing there. I got up from the chair, and hugged him. I couldn’t believe that he was home. He was right. The day I read the email from him, he would arrive back home. I was just really happy that he was home, and that he went through all of that trouble to find a job for me. I just love him so much!

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