1D Imagines

About fans who want a short story about One Direction!


8. Alondra's Imagine With Louis

I unlocked my brand new apartment and my sister walked in behind me with some boxes. I knew that she was probably going to crash on the floor of the living room and I would keep unpacking. I don't own a lot of stuff. It's mainly clothes and small furniture.

"I'm going to go get lunch and I'll be back as so as possible," my sister, Veronica said.

She walked out and I grabbed my keys. I headed down to the rental truck that we rented for me to move. I grabbed some boxes and headed back to my apartment. I did that for another half hour or so. Veronica still wasn't back yet with lunch. I headed out to start on my furniture when a very hot guy walked out of his apartment.

"Hey. Did you just move in?" He asked.

"Yeah. Actually I'm still moving in and my sister hasn't came back yet with lunch."

"Do you need any help?"

"Ummm...maybe. I'm starting to move in my furniture so..."

"I'll just walk down with you and see what I can bring up on my own."

We walked down together and I found out that he plays football and that he's the caption. He practically helped me move in. I invited him in to chill and kind of help me unpack. My sister came back around five with sandwiches.

"What took you so long?" I asked.

"Mum called and I had to go get something from her and my phone does so I could text you," she responded.

"Oh okay."

"Hey! Alondra! Where do you want this dresser!" Louis called from my bedroom.

"Who's here?"

"My neighbour, Louis who helped me finish moving everything in and he's helping me unpack."


Louis, Veronica and I stopped unpacking boxes at one in morning and crashed in my living room. Louis woke me up the next morning with coffee and a donut. We were alone in the kitchen, talking when all of a sudden he kissed my cheek. I took a sip of my coffee and looked at him. His cheeks were red and I knew that mine probably were too. I grabbed a piece of paper and started writing something when I was lifted up by Louis. We were fooling around when our lips connected.

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