Alex seemed to love her boyfriend Oliver. But, the day everything turned upsidedown she realized she's in love with someone else and when she gets pregnant and has no idea whos the dad. It gets even worse.


4. Chapter Four

Alex sighed and said, “Alright.” “Listen Alex, we made a mistake, we both hurt some great people and these people deserve to be told the truth, especially Oliver.” Xavier yelled frustrated.

“Well now is definitely not the time to tell him that.” Alex flailed her arms.

“All I ask is that after the movie we tell them what happened.” Xavier lowered his voice to a soft whisper.


They both walked in and saw that Oliver and Kate were just now walking down the hall on the way to the movie.

“Hey Oli wait up!” Alex laughed running to him.

Oliver turned around and picked Alex up and twirled her around as she ran into his arms.

Xavier walked up beside Kate and smiled.

“So what movie are we seeing?” Alex wondered.

“Love and Glory.” Kate told.

“Ok cool.” Alex laughed.

They walked in and found their seats.

Oliver put his arm around Alex as Alex laid her head on his shoulder.

It was about an hour and a half into the movie and someone burst into the theater with a gun and screamed for everyone to give him their money.

Alex sprung awake and looked around.

Oliver and everyone else in the theater were ducked down.

Alex didn’t duck she just kept looking around.

“Alex!” Oliver mouthed waving at her to get down.

The strange man came over and stood right in front of Alex.

“Well, well, well, you seem to be the stupid one here.” The man put the gun to Alex’s head. “Now if you just cooperate like the others and give me your money I won’t shoot you.”

Alex just starred. Straight, into the man’s eyes.

“You won’t shoot me, and you know this.” Alex said softly.

“You’re right.” The man agreed, “But I’m not afraid to shoot your little boyfriend here.” He pointed the gun at Oliver.

“No!” Alex screamed jumping up at the man.

The man shot the gun.

Then he smacked Alex with it in the head and ran off.


Alex woke up a few hours later in a hospital bed with a bandage on her head.

Kate, Xavier, Allie, her mother, and her father were sitting in the chairs next to her.

Alex raised her head and looked around, “Where’s Oliver?”

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