Alex seemed to love her boyfriend Oliver. But, the day everything turned upsidedown she realized she's in love with someone else and when she gets pregnant and has no idea whos the dad. It gets even worse.


5. Chapter Five

“Sweaty…” Her mother started.

“He was shot, he’s been in a coma since and he’s on life support. His room is right next door to this one. But, their taking him off the machine in about 15 minutes.” Her father finished.

Alex sprung out of bed and ran out of the room.

“Alex you can’t be on your feet yet!” Her mother ran after her.

Alex walked straight into Oliver’s room and sat and held his hand.

“Please Oliver, please wake up. You don’t deserve this. You can’t die. I need you.” Alex began to cry, “I didn’t get to tell you the truth.”

The doctors walked in, “Ma’am… It’s time we, uh, take him off his machine.”

Alex shook her head as the female doctor unplugged the machine.

Oliver was left to breathe on his own for the last of his time.

“Don’t go Oli. Please. Oli. Please.” Alex begged.

Oliver’s fingers wrapped around hers then slowly unraveled from hers.

Alex looked at the male doctor.

He looked at the ground and patted her back then walked out of the room.

“No!” Alex screamed.

She laid her head on Oliver’s chest and started bawling.

Everyone else was looking at her threw the window of his room.

Her mother looked at Alex and shook her head, “She doesn’t know yet does she?”

“Sadly, no.” Xavier said.

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