Alex seemed to love her boyfriend Oliver. But, the day everything turned upsidedown she realized she's in love with someone else and when she gets pregnant and has no idea whos the dad. It gets even worse.


8. Chapter Eight

“We can leave right now, here throw this outfit on.” Xavier asked.

Alex made him turn around as she changed.

“Alright, now how are we going to get out of here without people realizing I’m gone?” Alex crossed her arms.

Xavier handed her a bag, “Put this make-up on and get your hair dyed this color.”

“What color is it?” Alex wondered.

“Black, along with some scissors and cut your hair short.” Xavier said.

“Fine.” Alex agreed.

2 hours later Alex walked out and looked completely different.

“Gorgeous.” Xavier complemented.

“Yeah, yeah come on where we going?” Alex smiled.

Xavier grinned evilly, “Well I thought we’d go to Chicago, we only live about 35 minutes from there.”

“Mkay.” Alex yawned.

Xavier and Alex casually walked out of the hospital room and out to Xavier’s car.

Alex sat in the passenger side and hugged her knees, facing Xavier.

“What’s wrong babe?” Xavier asked.

“I lied to Oliver, in so many different ways and so many different times.” A tear slowly streamed down Alex’s make-up covered face.

“What do you mean?” Xavier raised his eyebrow.

Alex swallowed hard and looked Xavier straight in the eye, “I was mad in love with Oliver.” She paused, “At first.”

Xavier was shocked, “You guys seemed so… Happy together like you were meant to be.”

“I’m in love with someone else.” Alex looked away.

“Who?” Xavier was curious.

“You.” Alex barely spoke.

“What?!” Xavier slammed on the brakes of the car.

“You heard me.” Alex gave attitude.

“Why me?!” Xavier wondered.

“I feel something with you that I never felt before, not even with Oliver, even though I pulled the whole I love him so I’m going move in and marry him thing… I just couldn’t bare being with my mom anymore. It kills me every time I think that I faked being in love with him when I wasn’t. After being with him for about 2 months I realized that I wasn’t in love… I was just, I- I just thought I was… Until him and Kate introduced me to you.” Alex admitted.

Xavier just sat there looking straight forward.

He slowly pushed on the gas and started driving steadily, “This is going to change everything Alex.”

“How?” Alex tilted her head.

Xavier came to a red light and stopped then looked at Alex.

He leaned in and kissed her.

“Because I feel that with you too.”

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