My name is Iris. I was born with red hair, so naturally, I was destined to die young. My execution is scheduled for next weak. I don't have much time left, and I'm not going to let that time go to waste. So I'm telling you my story, as a warning for what's to come.

(rated yellow for violence)

Copyright (c) 2013 of MyUsername.


2. Story time


Once upon a time, there was a very wealthy politician who lived in Canada. He was kindly man; and very well loved by the community. We’ll call him William. William was very high up in parliament, and ran for prime minister when the 2015 elections came. He won with a staggering 89% of votes for him.


Fast-forward a year. It’s America, election time again. There was another wealthy man -we’ll call him Richard- who was very high up in the US government. And so, he runs for president. Surprise! He wins the election.


Repeat with every major country-inserting the ruling system of said countries- and, what do you know? Every country is now controlled by a wealthy 60-some year old man.


This is the part that always shocks me- everyone was too preoccupied with themselves to notice. Quite frankly, no one cared what the other countries were up to anymore; so long as they weren’t planning an attack.


I’m sure you’re starting to get where this is going. Yes, William was Richard. William was also now the ruler of the entire world. This was no cartoon villain trying to take over the universe, no, this was real.


William wasn’t that sweet old man any more.

Old Willy was a murderous psychopath.


People finally started to get suspicious. Will put that to an end by revealing himself. There wasn’t any panic, riots or chaos. Of course not. No; they followed him like lost puppies. This is the danger of having the knowledge of the entire world at your fingertips- you get even more greedy. You do whatever it takes to further your power.

You see, during that small time when everyone was oblivious, William invented something. A drug to be precise. After seeping into the food supply, it would invade people’s brains; making them agreeable, as moldable as a ball of clay. However, there was one small problem - the drug didn’t work on people with red hair. This befuddled even the best in the small fleet of scientists he had at his beck and call. There was no evidence of a single genetic trait that was blocking the drugs; it simply would not work. And so the redheads had free will. For a small time, at least.


He decided that since, after all, they only took up 2% of the population, who would miss them anyway? And so began the first mass murder. Ten years later, they were absolutely sure they were all gone; wiped from the face of the earth like a bug on a windshield.


And then there was me.


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