Roma is a photographer majoring in music artists. Her biggest dream has always been to make it in photography and become famous for it. So when a chance to achieve this pops up, she takes it. But will this job be all that it's cut out to be? Will one of the boys in this particular boy band do something life changing and completely unfair? Read to find out in Roma's tale of love, loss, dreams and heartbreak.


9. Nonna

The next day, I woke and changed into a tangerine coloured lacy top tucked into white shorts with matching tangerine coloured heels. I straightened my hair and put it in a high ponytail before grabbing my bags and wheeling them to the front door where Maria was waiting, grabbing my silver necklace in the process. Maria drove me to the airport and came to the terminal to say goodbye. It dawned on me that I had been acting glum for far too long. I needed to get over these boys asap. Why was I taking it so hard anyway? I straightened my shoulders and told myself that I was going to stop crying over them and stop wallowing in self-pity. Instead, I was going to go out into the world and have a brilliant time and meet new people. I turned and smiled at Maria. “I’m going to get over them now.” I told her. She grinned back at me and we fist pumped. “Yay! It’s about time too.” She said cheerfully. I paused to listen to the overhead speakers telling me that I need to board my flight now. “I’ll call you heaps.” I promised. “You better!” she warned playfully as we hugged and parted ways and I boarded the plane.

Once I landed in Italy, I breathed in deeply and instantly felt tonnes better. I was going to see my nonna again! I practically ran to a waiting cab and gave it directions to my nonna’s house. My nonna and I were very close because she was the only family I had left. We used to talk over the phone like every day. But then I went on the tour with… them and lost touch. I felt terrible for not calling once I got back, but I had been kind of unfocused. Once we arrived, I thanked the cab driver in English and when he looked at me confusedly, I remembered. I was in Italy! I quickly repeated in fluent Italian and paid him. I walked up to the front door of the cute little cottage. It was painted white and had honeysuckle creeping up the walls and rose bushes in the garden. My nonna prided herself in keeping an exemplary garden so the grass was always neatly trimmed and a vibrant shade of green, the rose bushes perfectly pruned and the honeysuckle just that picture-perfect amount of unruliness. So I was slightly surprised when I saw that the roses hadn’t been trimmed in a while and were looking a little droopy. That the grass was getting long and brown, the honeysuckle was looking wild and tangled. I hesitated at the little white picket fence before pushing into the gate, entering the once beautiful garden. I walked up to the front door, excited that I could finally see my grandma but also a little uneasy at the state of the garden. I reached out to turn the handle of the door but drew it back in surprise. The door was already slightly open. I pushed it fully open, still standing immobile outside in the afternoon sunshine as I stared inside in shock. It was a mess! ‘Messy’ was an understatement. The walls were cracked and dirty, the floor was scuffed, furniture was overturned and splintered, there were glass and china shards everywhere and a lamp had fallen across the hallway, blocking entrance. There must have been a break in, I thought to myself. Hoping desperately that my nonna was alright, I stepped inside and felt something crunch underneath my feet. I stepped back again and saw a teacup. With tea. Hot tea. Steam was still rising off of it. It was still fresh. I made my way more quickly through the spoiled hallway, trying to find my grandma to make sure she was still alright. My heartbeat quickened as images of my only family left flashed through my mind.


“Roma? Come inside now. The cookies are ready.” The elderly lady called out to her granddaughter. Roma was staying with her grandmother while her parents were on a holiday in Hawaii. A young girl, only five years old, came running inside. Her long hair streamed out behind her and her buttercup yellow dress was slightly torn. Scuffed, white sandals covered her feet which slapped against the ground with each step. “Nonna Nonna! Look what I found.” She panted excitedly, holding up a purple flower to her grandmother. She smiled and picked up the flower her granddaughter had given her. As she was placing it in some water, the phone rang. “Hello?” she asked into the receiver. As the person on the other line spoke, her face paled and she pressed a mottled hand to her mouth. Roma, completely oblivious to her grandmothers’ reaction, grabbed a cookie and ran back outside to play. Her grandmother now put down the phone and slowly lowered herself into a chair for she was afraid her legs would give out in shock. She then realized that she wasn’t the only one affected by this tragedy. The girl would now be orphaned. She walked outside into the sunlight, contrasting with her emotions, to tell the younger girl the grave news.

*end of flashback*

That was the day my parents died in the plane crash. The day where my familiar world came shattering down around me. The day I was left motherless and fatherless. Both my parents had been only children, both my father’s parents had died along with my mother’s father. All I had left was my grandmother whom I wasn’t even sure of. I couldn’t find her. I thundered up the stairs, searching desperately for my Nonna. My lovely Nonna. The Nonna who looked after me until I was old enough to look after myself. The Nonna who baked me cookies and braided my hair when I was younger. The same Nonna who talked on the phone for hours with me. I spun around, dazed and scared. My eyes fell on her bedroom door, which was slightly ajar. I ran over to it and pushed it open. My hand flew to my mouth as I took in the sight before me. There, surrounded by a pool of her own blood, was the last member of my family. Dead. 



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