Roma is a photographer majoring in music artists. Her biggest dream has always been to make it in photography and become famous for it. So when a chance to achieve this pops up, she takes it. But will this job be all that it's cut out to be? Will one of the boys in this particular boy band do something life changing and completely unfair? Read to find out in Roma's tale of love, loss, dreams and heartbreak.


11. Leave

" I can't believe that you're my new director!" I say amazed. He smiles and we greet each other. After we where done greeting each other his face suddenly  became serious which kind of pushed me off track. He suddenly gave orders to everyone, even me, to what to do. Although he was a little bossy about what to do and not to do I felt like he was  still kind, friendly and nice. He was totally better than my last director. During our break Alex plops to the seat next to me. Ripley, Amy and I where just talking about him so when he sat with us none of us said a word.  Then for some reason Amy starts to laugh and we all start laughing. Poor Alex is so confused.

"So are you to dating?" Ripley quietly says and I felt my face turn hot.

" No." I reply to her. I looked at Alex when I felt him staring at me. He quickly turns away from my face and starts talking to Amy. After a while we all start talking about different things until Amy decides to bring up the topic, One Direction.

"So who is your favorite?" Amy asks me. I pretend to ignore her but she asks the same question again. I try me best to think about how to lie to her. Before I could think I reply saying, " I don't know who they are."

Amy and Ripley start to laugh and I could tell Alex was going to burst out laughing anytime soon. When Amy caught her breath she says in a sarcastic voice," Just the most stupid band in history. No one knows them anyway." Then she starts to laugh again.

"Ok. I know who they are but." I didn't continue. Thinking about Harry made me want to cry. I tried my best to hold in the tears. I think that Ripley read my face expression so she tried changing the topic.

"Where is Julia?" She asks to all of us. None of us could answer her because we had no idea. I thought she was with us, to be honest. Alex gets up and leaves saying," I'll look for her."

After a while of silence we see Alex return with Julia. She looked really embarrassed for some reason, and it looked like Alex was going to burst out laughing.

"Guess what I say this girl doing?" asked Alex while he sits down with Julia. Why all ask what. Just before he could speak Julia tells us.

"I was singing. I thought I was alone."

I didn't get how that was so funny to Alex though. I mean can't a girl sing when she wants to. Just before Alex started talking he put his arms around Julia's waist. I wasn't paying attention to the conversation. I was just looking at his arms tightly around Julia's arms. Harry could be doing that to me right now. No. I need to stop thinking about them. I'm living a new life. He can't come back into my head. The bell to get back to work rang and I jumped up not knowing I was the only one in the lunch area. I didn't notice them leave.

While I was almost done working Alex comes up to me and says," Come to me after you are done. I need to tell ask you something." He was gone like that. I wanted to ask him what he wanted to tell me but he was already gone. I shrugged and started taking pictures of the models that I was dealing with right now. Although I couldn't get off my shoulders what he wanted to ask me.

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