Roma is a photographer majoring in music artists. Her biggest dream has always been to make it in photography and become famous for it. So when a chance to achieve this pops up, she takes it. But will this job be all that it's cut out to be? Will one of the boys in this particular boy band do something life changing and completely unfair? Read to find out in Roma's tale of love, loss, dreams and heartbreak.


8. Heading Home

I crept onto the tour bus and listened carefully. Silence. Thank god the other boys weren’t there, it would only make leaving even harder. I packed up my things quickly and wheeled my luggage to the front of the bus. Unfortunately Niall, Zayn, Liam and Louis suddenly stepped inside, right in front of my shaken face. “Roma? What’re you doing?” Niall asked. Louis took one look at my face and proceeded to give me the hug which I so desperately needed. “Goodbye guys. I’m gonna miss you.” I whispered. “W-wait what? You’re leaving? But why?” asked a very upset Liam. “I got fired. But I’ll keep in touch. You’ve got my number.” I pulled out of the hug to reassure them. I quickly got smothered in a group hug once again as they all tried to say goodbye at once. I was really going to miss these boys, they had grown on me over the past months.


Once my plane landed back in London, I called a cab to come and pick me up. I gave the driver directions to my apartment. I just hoped that Maria was still at work so I wouldn’t have to explain everything immediately. After I had paid the driver, he helped me take my suitcases up to the building. I brushed the hair out of my eyes and thanked him. As I entered the familiar smelling apartment, what had happened in the last 48 hours really hit me like a sledge hammer and I broke down crying. I struggled to rid my face of all makeup before changing into an oversized t-shirt and collapsing onto my bed sobbing. I then fell into a deep and uneasy slumber, troubled by constant nightmares.

I woke up late and groggily rubbed my eyes as my nose smelt pancakes. That brightened up my mood a bit and I hopped off my bed and made my way to the kitchen, sliding onto a barstool as Maria had her back to me. She turned around and met my eye, giving me a knowing look. “Hey,” I said softly. “Let’s talk over breakfast ok?” she replied. And so I told her. I told her everything that had happened over the whole trip. The first photo shoot, the fall, Alex, the first concert, how I began to have feelings for Harry. Everything up to that fateful night when everything got screwed up and I got fired. Maria was a good listener and she staying quiet throughout the entire thing, nodding and gasping in the right places. “So what happens now?” I asked her. “Well, I guess we go back to work and pretend like none of this ever happened.” Replied, standing up and offering her hand. I took it and she helped me up. “I guess I’ll go get ready then.” I said as I began to walk towards my room. “No no no you don’t have to go to work today, Ro.” She protested but I cut in “No, it’s fine. I want to go in today, it’ll help take my mind off things.” She nodded back at me and disappeared into her own room to get ready. I showered and braided my hair, putting on a pair of jeans and a Ramones jumper with my black high heeled boots. And so I headed off to work with my best friend and continued my life like nothing had ever happened. For a while, anyway.


“Roma?” I walked into her office three weeks later. “Yeah, what’s up?” I said. “I got you a really neat job, right up your alley.” She said excitedly. “You get to go to Italy too.” she squealed. I really was grateful, but I had a hard time showing happiness after what happened. I just can’t forget about it. I just nodded and said softly “When do I leave?” She slumped her shoulders slightly before straightening up again in a professional manner. “Tomorrow, you can have the rest of the day off to pack.” A pang of sadness hit me as I remembered that that had been what Maria said to me when I was going on tour with One Direction. Her professional cover slipped a bit and the ‘friend’ side showed as she said softly “Do you want me to help you pack?” I shook my head. She nodded understandingly and I headed home. 

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