Roma is a photographer majoring in music artists. Her biggest dream has always been to make it in photography and become famous for it. So when a chance to achieve this pops up, she takes it. But will this job be all that it's cut out to be? Will one of the boys in this particular boy band do something life changing and completely unfair? Read to find out in Roma's tale of love, loss, dreams and heartbreak.


4. California

I woke up with my head on Niall’s lap. That must have happened when I was asleep, how embarrassing! I sat up quickly, a blush spreading across my face. The boys just laughed, except Harry. He looked a little jealous. Of what? Niall and I weren’t a thing. He liked Maria. An awkward silence followed after that moment which was thankfully broken by a stewardess asking if we wanted anything to eat or drink. I ordered a large bowl of mango sorbet. “What?” I asked the boys who were staring at me strangely as I tucked into my cold delicacy. “It’s my favourite food and I would marry anyone who promised to make it for me every day of my life.” I explained, waving my spoon around in enthusiasm. That made all of them laugh, even Harry.


Once we had touched down in California, the amazing temperatures of Malibu hit me and I spread my arms and twirled around as soon as we got outside. We climbed into a limo (someone else was taking care of our luggage) and drove to the hotel near the beach. We checked in and went up the elevator to our rooms. Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn were all sharing one of the larger rooms which was connected to my, slightly smaller, one by a wooden door. I had a balcony which led to a gorgeous, undisturbed view of a private beach. My luggage had somehow miraculously got here before me and was sitting at the end of my bed. Since we were only staying in Malibu for a few days, I didn’t unpack anything. Instead I changed into my blue floral bikini, wiped of all my makeup, took out my ponytail and headed down the beach.

It was lying on my towel, peacefully soaking up the suns afternoon rays in the peaceful silence of the hotel’s private beach when I was disturbed by someone splashing water on me. I sat up and put my sunglasses on top of my head, about to tell whoever it was that this was a private beach, when I saw that it was just the boys. I relaxed and slid my sunnies back down my face as a lay down again. But oh no, they weren’t having that. I squealed as I felt strong arms life me up bridal style and run towards the ocean. I kicked and shrieked and giggled, making no difference at all, as Harry threw me in the sea. I decided to freak them out a bit as payback for that little prank so I stayed underwater without coming up for breath. I swam further out as I heard them panic, thrashing around trying to find me. I giggled and eventually couldn’t hold my breath any longer so a kicked off and broke the surface, spluttering and snickering at their shocked faces. They looked at me, incredulous, looking at each other in silent agreement before they came at me, splashing in my face before dunking me under in my blind confusion. I bobbed up behind Zayn and jumped on his back. He hoisted me up onto his shoulders and we all started playing shoulder wars. Niall on Louis and Harry on Liam versus me on Zayn. Naturally, Zayn and I won.

We went back to the hotel once it started getting dark and we all got ready for dinner. I put on a tight white top tucked into a high waisted, purple floral skirt with a brown belt and white flats. I brushed my damp, freshly washed hair and just left it down. I met up with the boys and we all went downstairs to the dining room.

After dinner we went back to our own rooms and I changed into my pyjamas before turning on the TV. I flicked through the channels but nothing really caught my attention. I heard someone knocking on the door that conjoined our rooms and I opened it to see them holding a bunch of movies and snacks. “We were bored and we wondered if you wanted to have a movie night with us.” Muffled Niall, his mouth full of food made him almost indistinguishable. I agreed and a split second later, they had all poured into my room and were making themselves comfortable. I chuckled and plonked myself on the bed, in between Niall and Louis. Zayn and Liam were on the carpet and Harry was in the armchair. I looked at the movies spread in front of the DVD player: Despicable Me 1 & 2, All the Paranormal Activities, Clash of the Titans, The Hunger Games, Silver Linings Playbook, Snow White and the Huntsman, 21 Jump Street and The Vow. So, we had quite a range of topics here.

We had eaten nearly all of the snacks by the time we had gotten through Silver Linings Playbook, Hunger Games, 21 Jump Street, Despicable 1&2 and The Vow. I was nearly asleep and I didn’t really want to watch any of the Paranormal Activities so I just rolled onto my stomach and let the blanket of darkness that is sleep wash over me.


A.N. Sorry for the wait and the boring chapter guys but I’ve been really busy lately. I promise the next update will be waaaay better and come sooner. This chapter was just a filler.

G xx. 

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