Justin's One and Only.

Hi, I have been a huge fan of Justin Bieber since, January 15, 2007. He has saved my life in so many different ways. My life at home wasn't the best, my dad well I usually didn't get to see him, and my mom is a workaholic. Well anyways back to me, I my name is Stephanie Wilder, I'm 19 years old. I live in L.A. in my own apartment, I work as a model for Hollister. I have 2 dogs named Bronx and Queens. But yeah, that's all there is to it.


9. The Only One Who Can Save Me.

Stephanie's P.O.V.

I ran off stage. I went for water and back over to Scott.

"Wow Steph I didn't know you had that type of voice. It was really different. Justin has never performed like that. He must really... Love you."

I thanked him and went over to Tiffany. I talked to her for a little bit then went back to get some snacks from backstage. I removed my makeup and changed into the outfit I had bought earlier. I went to go talk to some fans and they went wild. I actually talked to a girl who said I inspired her well, wow was all I could say. I hugged her and we exchanged phone numbers. She was actually really nice. I walked back over to Tiffany who was balling her eyes out. I went in for a hug but she denied and pointed to the ground. 

Justin was laying there knocked out. There was some random guy hovering over him pounding him in his stomach and face. I noticed him when he turned around... my dad. I hadn't seen him in at least 12 years. What did he want now? I ran over and Tiffany and I pried him off as best as we could.  We started punching him and kicking until he was laying out. Tiffany sat on him. 2 other beliebers saw the situation and ran over to help Tiff. I ran over to Justin and placed his head on my lap. I called the cops and they were there in 5 minutes. They noticed him as soon as they got there.

" Finally we've caught him. Greg Wilder. Accounted for 2 1st degree murders, 4 bombings, and 25 shooting." The policeman spoke.

" Umm. Wow." I whispered.

I focused back on Justin who was out cold not breathing nothing. I tried mouth to mouth, that didn't work. The paramedics soon came in and rolled him onto the bed. We all got in the truck. I held Justin's hand and whispered in his ear.

" I love you now, and will love you forever."

I was crying. When we got to the hospital we went straight to the E.R. 

" Charge. No response. Charge, okay we got a heartbeat. One more time. Charge." The lady yelled.

Justin coughed and sat up. He winced in pain. I ran over and hugged him. He hugged me back and pecked my nose.

" And I wanted you to know, I love you too." he said.

I just sat there and cried in his arms. I never want to loose someone, especially not him. He is my world. My everything. Nothing can replace him. I would take one million bullets for him to my heart. Cross my heart and hope to die. I need him. I've been wanting to tell him. That I'm in love with him.

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