Justin's One and Only.

Hi, I have been a huge fan of Justin Bieber since, January 15, 2007. He has saved my life in so many different ways. My life at home wasn't the best, my dad well I usually didn't get to see him, and my mom is a workaholic. Well anyways back to me, I my name is Stephanie Wilder, I'm 19 years old. I live in L.A. in my own apartment, I work as a model for Hollister. I have 2 dogs named Bronx and Queens. But yeah, that's all there is to it.


10. I Don't Care........ I want it.

*3 Months later. Justin's P.O.V. Steph and I have been dating for 5 months now. Its a really healthy relationship. Her dad was put in a prison overseas so he cant get to her. She honestly forgot all about him and just talks to my dad as a father. And as for Jazmyn and Jaxon, the damn kids can't keep their hands off of her but I think she loves them. Jaxon better back off though: shes mine. But we are great Mom is already trying to plan a wedding and talking about grandkids. Slow down momma we're only 19! She has been getting alot of hate lately but since I know Steph is strong she will push through it. My baby is all that matters to me! You should see her pants right now, they say "These cheeks are for my Boyfriend" Haha. Its true; boys back off. But yea. She is also on tour with me! Isn't is great! We also moved her into my house because Tiff got a boyfriend.! How exciting. Now I see her everywhere I go! Isn't it exciting! She is sitting on my lap right now, her head in the crook of my neck, her hair falling perfectly to the side, with no makeup on, and just a crop top. Its an amazing view. She is looking at me with her beautiful piercing green eyes. " Justin. I wanna have a baby." she confessed " When right now, like when we turn 20?" I questioned. " I don't care when I just wanna have one with you. And I hope its a girl, we could name the beautiful girl Avalanna. I know it really hits your heart. And I honestly do miss her. Every time I saw her face when I would visit her at the hospital, I miss my best friend. I know you miss your wife too. That's why I wanted to name her Avalanna." " Babe, lets wait till we are twenty and then we can have as many kids as you want. I just wanna finish this tour and not be sad when I cant see my babies, or my wife." She was crying, happy tears. I believe. She just smiled and put her head down and sighed, she laughed but then groaned in pain. She covered her wrist. I pulled it up and she just kept her head down. I'm guessing out of being ashamed. They were fresh cuts. Not the average they're scars I have been clean since 2011, newly fresh cut ones that were deep. A trickle of blood came from her wrist. I just sat there, and hugged her, she cried and cried, and cried some more. She said it was last night when we fell asleep watching T.V. she couldn't help herself. She drug herself upstairs and tried. She popped pills with alcohol. She said if she found a rope she would of tried the hanging. But the last resort was to cut. To cut deep, to cover the pain. She remembered the way her parents would abuse her, take a pan to her, face punch her, kick her, call her every name in the book. And how she didn't fight back. How she didn't throw away that one razor. That cut to the bone that nobody knew about, except her. I just sat and cried with her. I couldn't believe it. Nobody loved her when she was younger. No one. If I knew her I would've loved her, to the moon and back. Cross my heart and hope to die. She is my life. My air, my universe, my best friend, but mostly my one less lonely girl. " I love you Steph, though you may not know how much I am gonna tell you, I want to marry you. To be your other half, I love you and your already my wife. That's what I believe. I never want you to cut yourself, to feel unworthy of love, to cry and wince, I want you to feel my love bouncing of my body to fill you heart. Your made of gold. Your amazing spectacular, and that's that. Baby, I love you so much, your my monkey, and I love you." " I love you too Justin. I really do, my hubby." She replied. We kissed and called it a night. We were both tired and we both needed to feel each other mentally not verbally. So that's what we did.
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