Justin's One and Only.

Hi, I have been a huge fan of Justin Bieber since, January 15, 2007. He has saved my life in so many different ways. My life at home wasn't the best, my dad well I usually didn't get to see him, and my mom is a workaholic. Well anyways back to me, I my name is Stephanie Wilder, I'm 19 years old. I live in L.A. in my own apartment, I work as a model for Hollister. I have 2 dogs named Bronx and Queens. But yeah, that's all there is to it.


2. Concert Day!

Stephanie's P.O.V.

It's concert day and I couldn't be more excited even if I tried. Its about 2 p.m. and Tiff and I are at the suite we paid for. We are taking our showers right now. I got the master bathroom and she got the guest bathroom. We both got out and put on towels. I went over and blow dried my hair, she let it air dry. As soon as I was done I plugged in the curling iron and grabbed my makeup bag and set it down while I did my long dark brown hair.

I spiral curled it and flipped my bang back. I did not to much makeup, I did cat liner with 3 different types of mascara. I applied blush, some light pink lip liner with light pink baby lips. After that I put on my underwear and bra set. I went back to the mirror and put my belly button ring on. After, I put my nose ring on, and went back to get dressed. By now it was 6:30 and we were on our way to our seats, we were in the third row.

"Are you ready?" Tiffany asked.

" I've never been more ready!" I replied.

The concert started out with All Around The World, after a few songs we were at one less lonely girl., someone tapped my shoulder and I turned around surprised to see Allison.

"Would you like to be One Less Lonely Girl? Justin asked for you specifically!" She stated.

I nodded my head and replied yes immediately, She smirked and there Tiffany smiled and waved at me. I followed Allison backstage and up the steps. When Justin was ready for me 2 dancers escorted me onstage there I got to the chair. I sat down and Justin Walked closer and closer singing the words to me.

" Let me fix up your broken heart give you a brand new start." He sang.

I forgot that other people were there, that's when he grabbed my hand and sang more.

" I'm gonna make you fall, fall in love with me, our heart sets and you know I got the key." He sang.

I stood up so he could sit down. He sat down and I sat on his lap. He moaned softly but kept singing. He wrapped his arms around my waist I couldn't help but blush. The song went on for about another minute and he kissed my neck. I turned my head and kissed his neck back, I could tell what he wanted from me. The song ended and I stood up so he could. As he stood up, he grabbed my hand and we walked off stage together.

" Your a great performer Justin, I love...."

I couldn't finish my sentence because he had kissed me. Of course I went along with it, I mean he is Justin Bieber one of the biggest pop stars of the nation. I pulled away and answered my sentence.

" You.." I said softly.

" What's you name babe?" he said

" Stephanie Wilson" I whispered.

" And what is your phone number Stephanie?" he whispered seductively.

I told him my phone number and he pulled out his phone and smirked. The concert was over and I had been with him and Tiffany for about 2 hours. I was sitting with him the whole time. He asked if we were going to the other concert that was in 2 days, and I replied yes. He smiled and stroked his hand down my thigh.

"So Stephanie..." Justin said.

"Yes?" I replied giggling.

" Will you go on a date with me tomorrow?" He asked shyly.

" Yes, yea, uhm yea definitely." I replied happily.

"AWHHHH," Tiffany cooed.

Me and Justin laughed and endind up falling asleep on that couch Tiffany fell asleep on the bed in the tour bus.

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