Bella was alone with no one but then some little blonde Irish guy from one direction finds her this is a Niall Horan/Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction !


30. Wedding Planning part 2

Bella's P.O.V.

*Skipping to next day at store*

"Okay... Everyone pick out a dress... And we'll do the same thing as yesterday only, I will try them on...." I said excitedly. This HAS to be perfect. Everyday that goes by, is one day closer to the wedding. I'm happy, excited, nervous, and scared at the same time. Everyone picked out a dress. They were all so beautiful. First, was Amanda's dress. Jayde and Melanie judged this one. "7" said Jayde. "8" said Melanie. I smiled. Next, I tried on Jayde's dress. Amanda and Melanie judged it. "8" said Amanda. "8" said Melanie. Next, I tried Melanie's dress on. Amanda and Jayde judged it. "8" said Jayde. "9" said Amanda. Finally I tried on my pick. Jayde, Melanie, and Amanda judged it. "10!" They all shouted in unison. I giggled. "Well... I guess it's settled." I said. Step two in wedding planning. Complete.


*Author's Note*

Hey guys! I got a new movella out! Called 'High School'. I would love it so much if you would check it out! Sorry I haven't updated in a while... I guess working on 4 movellas at a time is a lot harder than I thought... Also this chapter was really short... Sorry.... I still love you! Forever and ever! I swear on Louis' carrots! <3 



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