Bella was alone with no one but then some little blonde Irish guy from one direction finds her this is a Niall Horan/Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction !


32. Wedding Day!

*Skip to Wedding day (3 weeks later)*

"You look gorgeous!" Melanie exclaimed. "Absolutely amazing!" Said Jayde, while smiling widely. "More like perfection!" Said Amanda. I giggled. I took a deep breath. "I'm so nervous!" I said. "You'll do fine!" Said Melanie. "I just wish I could be one of those girls to have her mum supporting her, and dad walking her down the aisle." I said, while I let a tear slip... "Hey! Don't be sad! It's your wedding day! Hello, suppose to be one of the happiest days of your life here! You have an amazing husband who is Louis Tomlinson I might add, amazing friends , and a cute puppy and kitten, we all love you Bella! We're your family!" Jayde yelled. She was always so positive. "Aww! I love you too!" I said. "Ready?" I turned around, standing there was Louis' step-dad... I took a deep breath. The girls squealed. I nodded. "I am honored to have you be my daughter-in-law..." Louis' step-dad said smiling. "Thank you." I said smiling. We locked arms. Once we walked onto the aisle, I saw Louis, standing there with a huge smile. 

*Skip speech*

"I do." I said. "And do you Louis Tomlinson.............." The preacher said. (The periods were for the short speech thingy they say...) "I do." Louis said. "You may now kiss the bride." The preacher said. Louis kissed me passionately.


-The End- 

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