Bella was alone with no one but then some little blonde Irish guy from one direction finds her this is a Niall Horan/Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction !


6. Saving Bella

Bella's P.O.V. 

They brought me to an old abandoned house in a forest. I woke up with bruises. I say in there for about 10 minutes and then they came in they were drunk. John had a knife. "'s the de... Dea... Deal tell.. T.. Tell us whe.... where you brother and sister are and you can live." He laughed "their dead" I said. "Don't you lie to me" he said and cut my stomach. They laughed as they went out. I was bleeding really bad. After 1 minute everything went blurring and then I passed out.

Louis P.O.V.

It must have been her parents they must have took her I had to find her. Where would I hid someone. The forest. Perfect!!!!!!!!!!! I walked for hours in the forest. Nothing... But I knew she was in there I just couldn't find the way. I just kept going in circles. Then- "Car tracks perfect!!!" I said in excitement. I followed them for about an hour. Then  I found an old abandoned house I looked in a window that was boarded up but I looked though the cracks there was a man and a women passed out on the floor with beer bottles all over the floor. It was her parents I remember. I quietly snuck in there past her parents and into a room, there I saw her at first I was relived but then I saw she was cut in the stomach I started crying I ran up to her and felt a pulse. Thank goodness. I picked her up and ran out of the house I saw a car and keys in it I hurried and drove it to mine it smelt like beer and smoke and if had blood stains. I got to my car picked Bella up and put her in it I cried the whole time to the hospital and prayed she would be okay. "It's going to be okay Bella. I promise" I cried "I love you" I said. We got to the hospital and ran her in. "Help, Help!" I screamed. They ran in and ran her to a room. "Mr. Tomlinson can you please tell us what happened." Asked the lady behind the counter. She knew me because I was famous. I told her everything that happened. They called the police and I told them where the house was and they went to arrest them glad that's over but I had to know Bella was ok. I hadn't told the guys yet. 

*3 hours later*

"You may now see Ms. Kandran" said the doctor "Is she ok" I asked "She lost a lot of blood but she will be fine and can come home tonight. Good thing you found her when you did just a minute later she could have died" he said and led me to her room "Here you are she has been wanting to see you Mr.Tomlinson" said the doctor "Hey" I said closing the door. "You saved me" she said "You looked for me and found me where was Niall" she asked "He called the police to look but I had to find you I had to look I wasn't gonna give up........... Bella I love you" I said "Lou come here....closer....closer" she said. Then she kissed me passionately. We were stopes by the nurse walking in. " can sign her out and take her home." Said the nurse. I signed her out and brought her home. "Can I stay with you tonight." Asked Bella "uh.. Yeah" I said. We got to my house. We walked in. "I love you" said Bella "You do?" I asked "Yes" she said. Bella and I started to make-out "I'm ready" she whispered in my ear and she lifted her shirt off. I threw her on the bed and you can guess what happened from there...

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