Bella was alone with no one but then some little blonde Irish guy from one direction finds her this is a Niall Horan/Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction !


15. Making everything better. :)

Bella's P.O.V

We got home and Melanie called me. Awesome maybe a new friend! "Hey, I be right back." I said while going outside. "Okay don't take too long, love" He said. "I won't" I yelled while closing the door. "Hello" I heard a voice say on the phone. "Hey, girl" I said happily and smiled. "I was wondering if you and Jayde wanted to hang out with me and my BFF Amanda, shes cool and I would love to have some more friends also, you guys are with some of the awsomess guys ever! Even though my fave is Zayn, One direction are so totally amazayn!" she said. I laughed at when she said amazayn instead of amazing. "Yeah, that would be awesome! I'm sure Jayde would be excited too." I said happy on probably getting two new friends. "Cool, so how is.... Next Monday at 3:00 p.m. at the mall' she asked. "Perfect" I said. Then we both squealed happily. "Bye, girl TTYL" she said. "Kk" I said and she hung up. As soon as I walked in I all the sudden was lifted off my feet as I felt strong muscular arms wrap me up. I screamed. Oh no, he's getting his revenge isn't he. He ran outside. Then before I knew it he ran to Liam's house. Which was just a couple blocks from ours. I left out a scream. Why the heck were we in Liam's House. We laughed. I was scared. "Baby, what are you doing." I said afraid. Then he laid me on the bed laying on me so I couldn't get up. Oh, no. Then I saw four guys come out of no where. Then Niall blindfolded me. WAIT NIALL???? I screamed but then I felt duck tape on my mouth. What were they doing and why was Niall there was he okay now I smiled to myself knowing he was okay now. But, then I quickly went back to reality where I was now completely stuck and ducked taped on Liam's bed. What were they doing? Oh, Gosh. Then I felt freezing, Icy cold water, coldest water I had ever felt, like frozen, only it wasn't frozen, all over my body. It was so cold it pierced my skin causing me pain. A few tears slipped down my face. Everyone was laughing. Until I guess they saw that. They all gasped. "LIAM HOW COLD DID YOU MAKE THAT!" screamed Lou knowing it hurt me. Liam probably shrugged from what I understood. "REALLY!?! YOUR GONNA SHRUG AFTER YOU DID THAT TO BELLA!" I heard Niall scream. I giggled a little under the tape. Then I tried to say. "It's okay really it was just water i'm okay now" Even though I was cold I was still fine. But all that came out was a bunch of nonsense words since my mouth was duck tapped. Louis pulled off my blindfold and slowly, carefully pulled the duck tape off my mouth so it wouldn't hurt too bad. I smiled at his sweetness. Then the other boys pulled the rest of the duck tape off of me slowly and while they were busy Lou whispered in my ear. "I'm sorry love, I didn't know it was going to be that cold." Then he started to kiss me and I smiled on his lips. When the guys were done. Louis picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him. Then I felt a pillow being thrown at us. I looked over at Harry. Then he said. "Gosh, you too are disgusting" Me and Lou laughed a little as he set me down. Then I saw Zayn and Niall with tears in their eyes. "Are, you okay guys" I asked looking at them both. Niall nodded and left. Poor Ni. Then I looked at Zayn. "Yeah... It's just.... I wish I could find a relationship that was so amazayn like yours and Lou's" he said. I giggled that reminded me of Melanie. "WAIT OF COURSE  MELANIE" I  screamed. They all looked at me in shock. I told them all that I knew about her then I came up with the per-fect plan. I smiled at myself. I told them the plan what it was, was Zayn was going to meet us at nandos what we were going to do was, me and Jayde were gonna say we were hungry and ask if they wanted to eat. Then we were going to go have Lou take us to nandos. Zayn nodded smiling. I told Lou I was going to go for a walk. I was really going to Niall's he lived just about a mile away. When I got there I knocked on the door. Niall let me in. "Ni, we need to talk" I said. He nodded. "Niall you are an amazing, sweet, cute, intelligent guy, but I figured something out when I kiss Lou it feels so, so right. I know he is the guy for me. And Ni I promise you, you will find the right girl for you, but Niall that girl is not me. Look, I know that you found me gave me a place to stay and helped me. And I will always, always love you for that Niall. But, it is not meant to be. And I wish the best for you." I said. He half smiled and i wiped the tears from his face. Then he said. "I know, I understand, thanks for being here you have made me feel a lot better Bell. Thanks for everything. I guess your right. It's just your so beautiful, sweet, and kind you were everything I ever wanted. And I was so sad when you came home and broke up with me leaving my heart broken in a million pieces. And I will always, always love you too Bell." he said. I smiled. "Friends" I asked. He smiled and nodded. "Friends" He said. I felt so relived I no longer felt guiltily, and I knew everything was going to be okay. We hugged. "Why, don't we head back to Liam's" I asked smiling. He nodded and we headed back. 



*Author's note*

Thanks everyone for everything you are all amazing! Sorry I haven't updated in a while been busy anyways thanks! Love you guys! :) 


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