Bella was alone with no one but then some little blonde Irish guy from one direction finds her this is a Niall Horan/Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction !


23. I can't believe this/telling.

Bella's P.O.V.

"...Lou.... I... I..." I stopped. "I'm pregnant" I said. Louis froze. Then smiled. "YOU ARE!!!!" He yelled. Then came up and hugged me and kissed my belly. I felt a huge sign of happiness. "I thought you would be upset with me." I said. "Of course not this is amazing! I can't believe this!" he said. I smiled. "We are going to be the best parents ever." I said. "Of course we are." Louis said. "Let's call everyone over except Niall i'm going to tell him by myself." I said. Wondering how I was going to tell Niall. Louis texted Liam, Zayn, and Harry to come over and I texted Jayde, Melanie, and Amanda. 

*10 minutes later*

I heard a knock at the door. I guess Liam wasn't there because he must have picked up Amanda. I opened it to see Liam and Amanda there. Yup, I was right. "Sorry i'm late I picked up Amanda she needed a ride." Liam said. "It's fine." I said smiling opening the door wider. About 30 secs. later I heard another knock at the door. I opened it and Harry and Jayde were there. Followed by Zayn and Melanie. "Hey, guys come in we have some important news." I said smiling. They nodded and Melanie and Zayn squeezed on the couch with Liam and Amanda. Then, Harry and Jayde shared one of the love seats. While me and Lou sat on the other love seat. "Well, i'm pregnant" I blurted out. "YOUR WHAT!?!" They all screamed. "You heard me" I said. They all ran over to me and hugged me. As soon as the group hug was over, Zayn happily said,  "I'm gonna be an uncle!" I giggled and nodded. They all thought of each other as brothers so he sorta would be same with Jayde, Melanie, Amanda and I. "Me too!" Harry exclaimed. "So will I!" Liam exclaimed. "And we will be Aunts" Jayde squealed along with Melanie and Jayde. Then they started to jump up and down and clapped their hands. For about an hour we all talked about the baby and then everyone left. I was so happy. Then I frowned. "What?" Lou asked and wrapped his arms around me. "I have to go tell Niall" I said. "Not right now, wait till your ready." He said. "I want to tell him now and get it over with." I said. "If you wish love." Lou said. I nodded and kissed him and texted Niall.

Niall's P.O.V.

Bella texted me to come get her. What was this about?

Bella's P.O.V.

Niall came and got me the car ride to his house was silent. Niall walked me to the living room. "Remember this place" Niall asked. I nodded. Remembering all the memories was kinda upsetting. I had some nice memories there Niall was great. But, I was with Lou now and he was amazing. "Niall I need to tell you something." I said. "Yeah" He said. I was about to say something but Niall cut me off. "Sorry but I need to get this off my chest, Bella don't hate me." Niall said. "Why would I ha-" Niall cut me off by kissing me passionately. I kissed him back- wait- I kissed him back! No,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,NO!!! I'm engaged to Louis! He pulled away. "N-N-Niall I-I-I can't, I'm engaged and pregnant." I said. "YOUR WHAT" Niall yelled while crying. He then ran up to his room and slammed the door. I walked up to his door. "Niall please-" "Just leave me ALONE!!!!" Niall yelled. I started to cry. I then texted Lou to pick me up. The car ride was silent he knew I would be upset. When we got home Lou left me alone for about 10 minutes until I calmed down. "I'm guessing it didn't go so well." Lou asked. "Nope" I said

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