Bella was alone with no one but then some little blonde Irish guy from one direction finds her this is a Niall Horan/Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction !


10. Getting Our babies and The double date part 1.

Bella's P.O.V

"I'm gonna go I'll be right back" said Lou "Okay" I said. I decided to watch some of their video diaries from when they were in the x-factor. 

*1 hour later*

I heard a bark outside. I just figured it was the neighbor's dog. It would be so nice to have a pet. I heard the door open. I paused the video diary I was on. Lou walked in and yelled "Surprise". Then before I knew it a dog jumped on the bed and started to lick my face. Lou grabbed her off of me. "LOU OMG YOU ARE SO AMAZING" I screamed. Then he went up and kissed me then from behind his back he pulled out a russian blue kitten. "Awwww... Lou. I don't deserve you" i said. I can't believe he would do this all just for me he is so so amazing. "No, I don't deserve you" he said kissing me. "What should we name them." I asked "The dog is a girl, and the cat is a boy, so you can name the puppy and i can name the kitty" said Lou. "Okay, how about Saphire." I asked "Perfect" He said. Then he looked at the screen on my laptop and saw I was watching the video diaries. "How about SUPERMAAAAAAAAN!!!" He asked mocking what he said on the video diaries one time. "And Super for short" I asked. I laughed and nodded. "So Saphire and Superman I like it" I said "Me too" Louis said and smiled. Then he texted all the guys a pic of them to all the guys. Saying your new niece and nephew. They all rushed over... except for Niall. "Hey guys" I said "Were are the little suckers." asked Liam. "Come here guys" I yelled. They ran in. "Awwwww" said Zayn "KITTY" yelled Harry and picked up Superman. "The puppy's name is Saphire and, the kitty's is Superman" I said. They all laughed when I said Superman. After about 20 minutes they all left. Except for Harry. "Guys, can you go on a date with me?" asked Harry "WHAT!!!!!" yelled Louis confused. I laughed at Lou's reaction. "I mean... I have a date with a girl her name is Jayde she is beautiful she has red hair, blue eyes, she likes to sing/dance she is very nice, happy, and sweet, her hair is also long and straight, I really like this girl and I don't want to lose my chance. So... I want you two to help me out so... double date?" asked Harry. "Well Harry  me and Bella were wanting alone ti-" "We would love to Harry" I said cutting Louis off. "But-" "We could always have some alone time any day." I said cutting him off again. "Ug. Fine." He said giving in. "So... how did you guys meet" I asked "Well it all happened yesterday..." He started

*One day earlier*

Harry's P.O.V.

I was walking around the park in sunglasses and a beanie. So no crazy fans would tear me apart. Luckily their were hardly any people there. Then I heard a girl singing and her voice... was so so beautiful. I followed her voice and saw her by the bench with her mp3 player and headphones in her ear she was singing our song. 'Change My Mind' her voice was so beautiful once she finished that song she all the sudden started dancing like crazy. Then she started sing our song 'Shes not afraid'. I laughed shes so cute. After 5 more minutes of watching her. I decided to make my move. I walked up behind her. And put my head on her shoulder. She jumped. She took out her headphones and screamed. But- it wasn't a scared scream it was a excited scream. "OMG your Harry Styles, I know that smile anywhere, plus a few of your beautiful curls sticking out" she screeched. I laughed. "Can I take a pic of us" she asked. "Sure thing, Beautiful" I said and kissed her hand. Her smile grew really, really huge. "OMG, thankyou so so much! My friends our going to be soo jealous" she said and pulled out her phone. She took the picture. "Perfect! Thankyou sooooo much" she said. I smiled at her beauty. "Ohh. can you sign the back of my MP3 player it's light so it will show up." she said "Of course" I said. "Thankyou soooo sooo sooo much!" she said and pulled out a sharpie and handed it to me. I signed and gave her a kiss on the cheek and she about fainted. "Hey, can I have your number" I asked she stood there amazed at what I just said and nodded. I put her number in my phone and gave her mine and she put my number in her phone. I asked her name and she said in her beautiful voice, "Jayde" I smiled. What a lovely name. As I started to leave... I yelled, "CALL ME!!!!"


Bella's P.O.V.

"Then she nodded I called her this morning and asked her on a date and said you two were coming" Harry finished "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww" I said. "So, when's the date" I asked "8:00 p.m. tonight at Nandos." he said. I smiled. Then I remembered that's Niall's favorite place I still felt kinda bad. Like really bad... I could tell all the guys felt bad for him too. "Perfect" I said. I looked at the clock and it was already. 4:00 p.m. "Well you better get ready this date has to be perfect" I said. With that Harry nodded and left. I looked over at Lou fast asleep. That lazy bum. He feel asleep about half way through the story. Can't he listen and be happy for Harry he can be rude sometimes. He has never been to me... yet but he was just rude to Harry. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a big bucket. I got the water really, really cold and filled the bucket up. Then I threw in a ton of ice in and I carried it to the living room. Setting it down a few times. Who knew water could be so heavy. I picked it up and threw all the water on Lou. He started screaming. "Sorry babe but we got to get ready for the date" I laughed. He glared at me and then stood up and I started to run. "YOUR NOT GETTING AWAY THAT EASY" He yelled while chasing me and then he caught me. He was to fast. He grabbed me and picked me up in bridal style with his muscular arms. "Baby I'm sorry please forgive me" I said. "Heck no" He said then he threw me on the couch and started tickling me. After 5 minutes he stopped. "Oh Gosh that hurt are you done yet." I asked. "Nope" he said popping the p. "Not even close" he said. Oh gosh. Now I regret doing that. I took a shower and blow dried my brown hair. Next, I shaved. Then, I put on a strapless blue mini dress that was tight with sparkles all over it. (Me and Niall went shopping the day after he found me and me and Lou do a lot of shopping together although it would be nice to go shopping with another girl.) I put on some make-up and curled my long brown hair then I put on some deodorant,and brushed my teeth. Then I put on some Katy Perry perfume. Finally I put on some blue high-heels that matched the color of my dress. I was finally ready.

Louis' P.O.V.

While Bella got ready in the main bathroom, I got ready in the bathroom connected with our room. I took a shower then I shaved and I blow dried my hair and put hair gel in my hair putting my bangs sticking up. I also put on a black tux with a red tie. I put on some deodorant,and brushed my teeth. Then I put on some cologne that I knew Bella liked. And then I put on some dress shoes and I was ready. I went into the living room and waited on Bella. 

Harry's P.O.V.

I took a shower and shaved. Then I put on my boxers and brushed my teeth. I brushed my curls. Then I blow dried my hair and brushed my hair again. I put on a white tux with a black tie. Then I put on some really nice and expensive dress shoes. I also put on some really expensive cologne. I wanted to have the best of everything for Jayde. I know i'm known for my one night stands but I really, really like this girl a lot. I think I finally found the one. It was 7:30 p.m. So I decided to go pick her up even though it took only 10 minutes to get to her house and 5 to get to Nandos from her house. 

Jayde's P.O.V.

I am so excited! Am I dreaming? Am I really going on a double date with Harry Styles? THE HARRY STYLES??? This is a major dream come true! I took a shower singing a ton of One direction songs and then I shaved. Then I blow dried my hair. Next, I put on my underwear so while I put on my make up I didn't spill it accidentally on this perfect brand new dress I just bought. It was Strapless and purple it was semi-tight not so tight that it squeezed me but it was definitely not lose it was tight but not super tight. Part of it, it was up to a couple inches under my under wear and it slanted down and was tight on my chest to my stomach but started to get a little bit lose as it went down and wavy at the end as it went down and it was sparkly. I put on my make-up and brushed my teeth, then I put on my perfect dress and then some Lady Gaga perfume. Then I put on some deodorant. And put on the perfect shoes they were the shade of purple my dress was and they were sparkly high-heels.  I got finished and heard a knock on the door.       


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