Bella was alone with no one but then some little blonde Irish guy from one direction finds her this is a Niall Horan/Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction !


3. Falling in love

Bella's P.O.V.

"Kiss me" I said "You sure" asked Niall "I want to know if my feelings for you are real" I explained "Ok" smiled Niall 


"So are they real" asked Niall "Totally" I smiled "Yes!" Exclaimed Niall 

Niall's P.OV.

SHE KISSED ME!!!!!!!! It was perfect! I love her! But something was wrong I could see pain in her eyes. "What's wrong" I asked "Just thinking" Bella said "Would you get upset if I ask you what about?" I asked "Okay I'll tell you. My mom use to be a great mom until John came everything changed the sweet amazing mom we had turned into a monster and so did John. Once he came they started to beat us all the time when we wouldn't listen, when they were upset, when they would fight they got their anger out on us and when they were drunk which was a lot, my big sister, my little brother and I ran away after they killed my baby brother he was 2 and he threw a fit and they were drunk. My sister starved when I was 12 and my brother got sick and died when I was 14 since then I've been alone with no one and no where to go. Until now Niall I think I love you. Will you go out with me Niall?" Asked Bella. I kissed her as soon as she finished talking she smiled on my lips. Her face was wet from tears but when I kissed her she stopped crying. Then we started to make out then I pulled away. "Yes" I said happily She smiled and we kissed one more time. I felt horrible I wanted to find her parents and kill them for hurting such a sweet beautiful girl as Bella. "Bella I'm sorry what happened but you are safe now with me and I will never ever let anyone hurt you ever again." I said  By then it was 11 by then and I said we better go to bed now that we are together you can stay in my bed if you would like. "Ok" she said she laid down and I kissed her and we started making out I laid on top off he I started to lift her shirt but then she said "Not tonight. We just meet." She said "Yeah, yeah uh uh I understand lets sleep" I nervously agreed 

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