Second Chance

What would you do to stay alive?

Better yet, how much are willing to give up?

Adam was willing to do everything. He believed that the corporate company by the name Second Chance, was going to grant him another life. A better life.

But it all goes miserably wrong when his father unveils truth he wish he never knew. And Adam knows one thing: only death can control us.

*based on the short film True Skin by director Stephan Zlotescu


1. Your Memories

First, they ask you how much your life is worth.

If you say 'not much', they'll find a way to persuade you otherwise. They always do.

Frankly, I wasn't that hard of a client. When asked how much my life is worth, I said, “More than yours.” Instead of being offended, the representative gave me a smile that was a bit too strained. Not that I noticed back then. It was a good thing I chose not to lie, though. I slipped right into their cage.

Next, they ask you how much your memories are worth.

Here's the thing, no matter how bad you think your life is, everyone has memories. And stupidly, everyone thinks those memories are worth something.

Not me. I know that my memories are worth a lot. I gave him the smile that charms most girls, and I said, “It's worth making a movie out of it, sire.”

Looking back now, I realize that I must have been the easiest client to have ever passed on them. They would have filled two wine glasses, and cheered after I had left. Because the moment I had left that building, I was nothing but another number.

By the first month, a million people had signed up for Second Chance. By the second, twenty million. After six months, the United States and it's neighboring countries were all abroad the Second Chance project. The only ones left were the skeptics, the hippies, the critics, and well.. my father. While the rest of the world filed in through the nearest Second Chance office, my father and the likes of him, who were called the pessimists, refused to take part.

Once the world had no talk but about the Second Chance, they began the second move.

The political leaders made speeches, the scientists analyzed, but all their talk was worthless. People saw a chance to be immortal, and they took it. And who could blame them? I, like everyone else, welcomed the Second Chance with open arms.

Until the day they killed my father.

Up until the last moment, my father chose to be one of the pessimists . My constant trials at getting him to sign up proved useless. I told him he worried too much/

“What do you think they will do after they had everything that makes us human?” he'd say. “They'd control us, son. Like the idiot we all are, we are falling to their prey.”

On days like these, I thought it was best to just ignore him. There was no way to reason with him, no way to tell him that something far more brutal than Second Chance was controlling us: death. But my father wasn't as scared of death as I was. He was a man who had made peace with his life, and wanted to transfer that same peace to his son.

Too bad that at the time, his son was too busy being an idiot. 

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