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17 year old demi moves school's not knowing the one direction boys are there for 2 months finishing where they left off..she didn't expect to fall in love with mr zayn malik,but not everything goes well for the new student..she then has a horrific night with Sam the head of football..not leaving her alone,Sam will do anything to get Demi back even if that means destroying her love for one direction member..


5. Zayn's place

'mum,im sleeping over zayn's tonight to finish some homework if thats okay,love you xx'

'yeah thats fine,see you tomorrow,loveyoutoo xx'

I put my phone in the pocket of my shorts and went back downstairs to the boys. "what did your mum say?" zayn muttered in my ear.."she said its fine" he looked at me with a cheeky smile. I looked at my phone to find a text..'this isn't over babe,sam x' fuck,just as i think he's out of my life he comes crawling back to me.."right zayn,were gonna shoot off now,see you both tomorrow at school" the boys all said in unison,i gave them all hugs and said our goodbyes.."want anything to eat or drink babe?" "yeah alright babe" he poured 2 glasses of vodka and coke and decided to order a pizza.."zayn can i ask you something?" i gasped "yeah sure?" "is it hard,you know living the life of a celebrity and all" i dont know where it come from but i just didnt know what to say to him.."yeah it is abit,we dont really get much privacy with i hate.." "oh.." 

*knock knock" Zayn opened the door and took the pizza's from the man and paid him,we sat on the couch and ate the pizza until we couldn't eat anymore,as soon as i was full i took a huge gulp from the vodka and coke..I went the kitchen and got out the bottle of vodka and we both done a few shots,it was so nice to talk to zays celebrity life,it was so interesting..But felt so weird..after a few shots i felt dizzy but really alive "z-z-zayn" "yes babe?" "lets dance" i turned up the c.d player in the living room and grabbed zayn's hand and pulled him up i starting jumping all around his living room like a 5 year old. 

After the mini party we had we decided to get ready for bed,zayn gave me a white oversized t.shirt to sleep in, i slipped it on and zayn just slept in his boxers which i found so hard to resist..I got into his bed and so did he i lay facing him and he was facing me.."zayn,im so glad i met you.." "im glad i met you too" i put my hand on his hair and starting exploring my fingers around his hair,his eyes were so dark and lusty and his body was..perfect,he was perfect.."Demi,you're so beautiful" he made me smile so much.."zayn,you're so perfect.." I blushed and so did he,he stroked my cheek with the back of his hand and we both leaned in for a kiss,our lips moved in Sync and i wrapped my leg around his waist making me roll on top of him, He then rolled me over so he was on top of me and kissed my neck,he then took my top off and then kissed my collar bones,then my belly button then once he got to the top of my panties he looked at me in a look 'are you sure?' i just smiled at him and gave him a look to carry on..He then pulled down my pants and then pulled his own down,He started to kiss me again and whilst are mouths explored each other he inserted himself into me,I gasped in his ear and then he Took my bra off..i felt so comfortable around zayn,he was so sensitive and i can trust him with anything..Our kisses were so passionate, as he got faster i gripped my finger nails in his back and clenched my hands,i then put my hands on his head and started playing with his hair..

Once we were done we both lay down and smiled at each other,i rested my head on his chest and then we both fall asleep together.


I woke up to the sound of Zayn's alarm clock,he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled on top of him,i kissed him then let go "zayn,come on we need to get ready or we'll be late.." "okay,okay" I went to his bathroom and used one of his spare tooth brushes to brush my teeth,i then hopped into his shower..As i was singing i heard footsteps enter the bathroom,it was zayn completely naked,he stepped in the shower behind me and placed his hands on my waist "zayn what are you doing in here?im trying to have a shower" He just started laughing and pulled me closer to him. He gently kissed me then walked out of the shower into his room..

once i was done in the shower i wrapped a towl around my naked body and walked into Zayn's room to find him already dressed "babe you can borrow some of my clothes to wear if you want or whatever you need.." i smiled at him, but remembered that sam said the exact same thing..I chose to wear my high wasted shorts i wore last night,my white vans and zayn's oversized grey sweater..I kept my hair wavy and just put it in a middle parting as usual.

I walked downstairs to zayn's kitchen to find him making pancakes and some orange juice on the table,i smiled at him and sat down "you're so sweet zayn.." he just smiled back and carried on cooking the pancakes..once he was one he put some pancakes on a plate for us to share,we ate the pancakes then left for school,as much as i hated school i had no choice but to go..

Me and zayn walked down the corridors of school hand in hand,everyone started staring at us but i didnt care,why would im,im going out with zayn malik..i dont give a shit what people think because i actually love him.."hey love birds,so you two an item now?" liam laughed "yeah mate" zayn answered, he had a huge grin on his face..I shoved my books in my locker and me and the boys headed to English together.


After a boring english lesson doing hardly anything zayn walked me to my maths class "i'll you you later then gorgeous" "yeah" we kissed and said goodbye,just as i walked in maths i saw the most horrible excuse of a human being sitting right at the was Sam,the boy who hurt me and i'll never be able to forget it.."Demi sit by Sam again" great are you being serious..i walked over to sit by sam who was smiling at me,i gave him a death stare then sat down.

As the teacher told us what to do i felt Sams arm wrap around my wrist as he tightened his grip leaving a red mark on my wrist,i felt so scared yet so angry. "get off me Sam" i gasped in pain "make me" "Sam just fuck off,you make me sick" "and how do it make you sick?" "you raped me,you're sick" "Yeah and you deserved it,you're a whore" "YOU'RE SICK" i screamed in his face and slapped him whilst everyone stared at us.."DEMI,GO TO DETENTION..NOW" i ran out the class and straight to detention class,the tears wouldn't stop,i hate feeling like this.

I walked in to detention and everyone was staring at me,my eyes were burning red and tears were still running down my cheeks,Zayn was sat at the back looking at me worried.."Demi why are you in here today then.." "and why do you care?" everyone started laughing at me because i answered the teacher back,i know im gonna get in so much trouble but i cant handle everything at the moment so i dont care.."DONT EVER TALK BACK,now why are you in here?".."i hit someone.." zayn looked at me worried and probably wondering who i hit and why..everyone looked at me shocked.."Well you can spend double time in here now for answering me back and who did you hit.." Was he being serious.its non of his business who i hit for god sake.."Demi who did you hit.." "I hit Sam" "what sam the captain of football?" "yes.." "well you will be punished,but why did you hit him demi.." "i cant say" I ignored what else he asked me and went to sit by zayn,i knew he was going to ask me what happened but i just needed to hug zayn,i needed him more than ever. I ran up to zayn and hugged him whilst tears streamed down my face even more,he wiped them away with his sleeve of his sweater.."babe,tell me whats happened" "i'll tell you at lunch,i cant say it here" i then dug my face into his chest and sat next to him.


Author Note:

Hey guys,i know these chapters are abit rubbish but im going to try and make them better,i know where i want this story to lead,these chapters are just fillers but i know people like action so im going to try and add alot more action, please like it once you've read or favorite it,would mean alot,if you guys want to be added to this story or have an ideas or tips please tell me, just kik me: shannonmullinger, thankyou! x x








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