starting over

17 year old demi moves school's not knowing the one direction boys are there for 2 months finishing where they left off..she didn't expect to fall in love with mr zayn malik,but not everything goes well for the new student..she then has a horrific night with Sam the head of football..not leaving her alone,Sam will do anything to get Demi back even if that means destroying her love for one direction member..


9. Without him

I never really concentrated in class,i was too busy thinking about zayn, He would be on tour now, he's probably forgot me by now,it's been a month since the night we spoke to eachother about him leaving. I don't think i can stand being without him,it's just wrong..I cant stand it. He left me to pick up all of the pieces with Sam, Luckily its all sorted Sam got arrested because the teachers found out he raped me and reported him,he doesn't have long in prison but by time he comes out i'll be half way across the world somewhere planning my life. I was the laughing stock of the school after the fight with Sam's girlfriend she told everyone she apparently 'beat me up' yet she was the one of the floor..I hate my life right now,without Zayn its just..horrific. 

"Demi,come on Its the end of the day,which means we can all go to my house and watch movies.." Hannah shouting whilst hugging me.. "Okay,sounds good" We all jumped into Jess's car and drove to hannah's whilst singing songs when one of one directions songs came on,my heart shrank hearing zayn sing a solo part,the girls sang along still, they didn't know what happened between me and zayn they didn't know we had an argument, they just thought we were close friends that we still talk but ever since he left we never have kept in contact since then.

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