starting over

17 year old demi moves school's not knowing the one direction boys are there for 2 months finishing where they left off..she didn't expect to fall in love with mr zayn malik,but not everything goes well for the new student..she then has a horrific night with Sam the head of football..not leaving her alone,Sam will do anything to get Demi back even if that means destroying her love for one direction member..


7. Regrets

Demi's P.O.V 

I woke up to see Jess,Hannah and Lauren still sleeping,i wen't to the bathroom to brush my teeth and freshen up a bit..i didn't really have a huge hangover,only felt a small pounding in my head,nothing new really. I received a text from zayn..

'babe,why did you leave the party?did sam upset you or something,please text me back,i'm worried about you xx' Once i read the text i remembered what happened,oh yes i saw what seemed to be zayn kissing another girl in the middle of the could he say he's worried about me if he doesn't even love me,if he loved me he wouldn't of cheated on me. I decided to ignore his texts and turned my phone off.

once i was done in the bathroom i walked into Jess's bedroom and quietly got changed into what i wore yesterday,i had no choice i didn't have any spare clothes, They were at zayn's house. I wrote Jess a note before i left..


Im sorry i just left without a goodbye but you all must be so tired from last night,it was crazy,i didn't want to wake you up but i'll text you all later,love you all xx'

I walked out the door and walked home bare footed with my heels in my hand,Jess only lived about 10 minutes from my house.

Once i got home i crept upstairs into my bedroom trying not to wake anyone up,it was only 8 o'clock in the morning they would all still be asleep by now. I changed into some comfortable clothes and threw a beanie over my hair..i wore my red oversized Brooklyn jersey sweater,some blue skinny jeans with a pair of black vans and a cross beanie,i also put some sunglasses on to hide my red eyes. I packed a few clothes to last me a while,my parents think im staying at zayn's so this is a good chance to take a break from everyone without them knowing..I slowly walked out the door with my bag over my shoulder and walked and walked,i took some cash from my money jar so last for at least a day or two for food..i felt my phone vibrate in my pocket,it was zayn..

"i dont care what you say,i need to see whats wrong with you,im coming to yours xx" urgh doesn't he get the message,now my mum will find out i've gone..i had to reply to him. "zayn,im not at my house" just as i put my phone again my phone vibrated again and again but i just ignored it,i can't deal with him anymore,its his fault im upset,mainly him and all the threats with Sam. 

I decided to pay to sleep in a hotel for tonight by the town centre,they won't find me here,hopefully. I walked into the hotel room which i was staying in and unpacked my things,once I was done I looked in the mini fridge and found some vodka.."perfect" this is just what i need.I took a huge sip of vodka and then lay in the bed,it was only 9 o'clock in the morning and i was already drinking alcohol.

Zayn's P.O.V

I was so worried about Demi,why would she just leave then ignore all of my texts,did Sam tell her something or threaten her,I need to text her again,even if she does ignore me.."I dont care what you say, i need to see whats wrong with you,im coming to yours xx" then straight away my phone bleeped,she actually answered.."Zayn im not at my house" then where is she if she's not at hers,she must be at Jess's.

I jumped into my car and drove straight to Jess's house. *knock knock* i Knocked on the door until and very tired looking Jess answered the door.."zayn?why are you here?" "Im here to see Demi,where is she" She gave me a weird stare before she answered.."Demi left at like 8'clock to go home.." "she's not at home,she text me telling me she's not." "Then I dont know where she is,hang on i'll phone her" Jess picked her phone up then fastly dialed Demi's number.."hello demi,where the hell are you?zayn's here,he said your not home?" Jess carried on the call with Demi and it didn't sound too good.."so what did she say,where is she" "zayn,she's not at home,she sounded really drunk and upset of the phone,she said she's at a hotel" "but why would she sleep in a hotel,where's the nearest hotel here?" i started worrying and drove as fast as i could to look through each hotel to try and find Demi..I got to the last one i could find.."hello is a girl called demi staying here?demi pierson?" "yes,yes she is" "what room?" "room 301" I ran to room 301 then got stopped by a crowd of fans "not now" i calmly demanded,i carried on running to find room 301. I knocked on the door of the room and waited for an answer.

Demi's P.O.V

Just as i got another bottle of vodka out the fridge i heard a knock on the door,i didn't call room service,did I,i cant remember,i slowly stumbled to open the door and saw a tall dark haired boy with dark worried eyes.."Z-z-zayn what are you doing here,how did you find me" he barged past me then shut the hotel door behind him "well you said you were in a hotel there's only 5 hotels around here,it wasn't that hard to find you." "zayn,please leave,i came here to be alone" "Whats wrong demi,you left the party yesterday then you've been ignoring my texts now look at yourself,its 10'clock and you're already drunk,what happened at the party?" "zayn,shouldn't i be asking you what happend?you're the reason im so upset.." i shouted in his face,he looked so confused,"what have i done?" "what haven't you done zayn,don't you remember?" "i remember everything,im just a little confused dem" "Lets just cut to the chase zayn,you hurt me,you hurt my feelings" "Demi,i would never hurt your feelings,i love you" "zayn,you dont love me or you wouldn't of been kissing another girl in the middle of a kitchen last night at the party" I screamed in his face,im suprised he hasn't gone deaf.."what,i never kissed another girl,wait a minute what colour shirt was i wearing last night?" "a white one..but i dont care what you were wearing,you still kissed another girl"

"no i didnt kiss any other girl,the guy you saw kissing another girl wore a grey and black top,that wasn't me,i saw the exact same people kissing.." "what,so it wasn't you?" "no,it wasn't,demi i love you okay,you need to get that in your head,i would never even look at another girl whilst im with you" My heart stopped,i felt butterflies zooming around my body. "im s-s-so sorry zayn" he came over to me and placed his big hands on my shoulders then pulled me into a tight hug, "don't worry"







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