starting over

17 year old demi moves school's not knowing the one direction boys are there for 2 months finishing where they left off..she didn't expect to fall in love with mr zayn malik,but not everything goes well for the new student..she then has a horrific night with Sam the head of football..not leaving her alone,Sam will do anything to get Demi back even if that means destroying her love for one direction member..


6. Party..or not

I walked into the dinner hall and saw all 5 boys sat at the dinner table at the back,Then i turned to see Jess,Hannah and lauren sitting right by where i was standing,they did really notice me until i looked directly at them,"DEMI" i head jess shout,even though she was right next to me,jeez this girl has a loud mouth.."thats me" i laughed feeling a little embarrassed by everyones eyes on me.."sit down.." I sat down to hear the girls talking to me about me and zayn.."yes girls,im going out with zayn" they all smiled and gave me a 'aw' look,"but what happened between you and Sam?" ugh,even hearing his name makes me want to puke.."i'll tell you all soon enough,meet me tomorrow as we have no school,ill explain everything" "right,okay sounds good but why not after school?" "because im going to zayn's probably,sorry" "its fine haha" I said bye to them all and slowly walked towards zayn's table,then as i got closer i felt a sharp pain on my wrist i turned around to see Sam..standing right behind me gripping his finger nails onto my skin.."sam,get off me,what do you want" "what do i want?well i think its abit obvious i want you..and make me.." "sam you're hurting me..please" he then grabbed me closer and whispered something in my ear "if i can't have you,i will destroy everything and everyone you love,including your boyfriend zayn malik.." my heart shrunk once he mentioned zayn's name..then as i turned around to see the boys on the table sam turned me back to face him and pulled me closer until our lips touched i used all of my strength to pull away but he was too strong,then i gripped onto his hair and pulled it as hard as i could.."SAM DONT YOU GET IT,I DONT WANT TO BE WITH YOU SO JUST LEAVE ME ALONE." As i screamed in his face everyone in the dinner hall even the teachers turned around and looked at us even the one direction boys,i felt so embarrassed.."demi,if you won't be with me thats fine,i'll hurt everyone you love,just sit back and watch me..and then i'll hurt you might even love it this time.." He winked at me and i felt so angry i slapped him around the face As hard as i possibly could and through some water all over him that was on one of the dinner tables,i started punching his chest as hard as i could and started screaming in his face until zayn came up to me and pulled me away.."what did you say to her" zayn asked sam in a furious voice "non of your business,now keep your whore under control" I saw the anger in zayn's eyes once sam called me a whore zayn went over to him and punched him full wack in the face until sam fall over,two teachers came over to me and zayn and took us to the detention room,we had to stay in there the rest of the day..

We were sat in detention together,i was sat right next to zayn and we held hands under the table.."babe,what did he say.." "zayn,it doesn't matter,it was nothing really" "Dem,it was obviously something bad,you wouldn't flip out like that if it was 'nothing' now tell me.." i started shaking and could feel tears start to form in my eyes but i just wiped them away,tears never help.."he said to me that if i won't be with him then he will destroy everyone i love including you and he said he will hurt me again.." I buried my head in zayn's chest and then couldn't help but let the tears drop down onto the sweatshirt i was wearing of zayn's. "Demi, I promise he won't hurt you ever again and he sure in hell won't hurt me.." "how do you know he won't hurt me,how do you know he won't hurt you,zayn don't keep promises you won't be able to keep" How did he know sam wouldn't hurt me again or hurt him,sam is a very horrible guy who has really bad anger problems,i found that out the night i stayed at his house..I only started this school about a month ago and i already hate it..the only good thing thats come out of this school is meeting zayn and the rest of 1D and jess,hannah and lauren.."Dem,i only make promises i know i can keep..And demi remember im famous,he comes near me or hurts me i can get him locked away straight away, i have our security guard Paul to look after me..and if im with you,you're safe too..dem,i love you"  He was right,why didn't i think of it like this he was famous he does have security but Sam will find away,I just need to find him someone else he could love just not me..Wait,what did he just say he loved me? Zayn malik just said he loves me,OMG.."zayn..i love you too" I know it may sound weird i know but i've only known zayn for like a month and yes we already have strong feelings for eachother but it feels like i've known him longer..I've only just gotten together with him but i know i've never loved someone as much as i've loved zayn.


I Collected some things from my house earlier so i can stay at zayn's over the weekend,im so glad mum actually let me because she actually likes zayn and normally she doesn't like my boyfriends..maybe its because my little sister adores the boys,i dont know but im just happy that she likes him. I sat on the end of zayn's bed waiting for him to come back from the shop,i heard my phone beeping in my pocket,i got it out to see a text from hannah

"hey babe,theres a party tonight if you want to come,you and zayn can and the other boys,its the same house it was at last time but sam might be there,but please come!xxx"

It sounded great to the part where she said Sam would probably be there,and come on its a party of course Sam's going to be there..Hang on,i kissed Sam at the party then he straight away considered me as his girlfriend,maybe if i get a girl to go and kiss him he will think there his girlfriend then maybe he would stop liking me..Thats a great idea, i got my phone out and started texting Hannah back.

"yes,me and zayn will be there and maybe the boys too,and dont worry about Sam ill deal with him xxx" I then put my phone on zayn's bed and heard the door shut,I ran downstairs and pounced on zayn with a huge smile on my face "wow,whats made you so happy?" he laughed "were going to a party tonight,same place it was at last time and sams going to be there" He looked at him confused "wait you want to go?but sams going.." "yes and thats why i want to go" He looked so confused.."why?i thought you hated him". "zayn,i kissed him at the party and he straight away thought i was his girlfriend,i just need to get a girl to kiss him then she will be his girlfriend and he might forget about me.." he then looked at me with a half smile on his face,"oh,thats a pretty good idea" "well come on lets go and get ready then" we both laughed at each other and ran upstairs.

Once we were both ready we got our things and jumped into zayn's car,hand in hand,i wore a black crop top with golden spikes at the top,some black hot pants with some black platform boot heels, i put a tad of mascara and foundation on with some red lipstick with a cross bracelet. Zayn wore some black skinny jeans with a plain white over sized top and some black converse,he had his hair all styled in a quiff as he usually did,he looked..perfect.

Once we arrived it was full of people drinking and grinding against eachother like last time,we walked to the kitchen to get some drinks and spotted,liam,niall,harry and louis drinking together and talking.."hey guys" i shouted,they all turned around and gave me and zayn hugs and started to speak to zayn about the tour which was in a few months time once they left the school..I drank some vodka on its own without adding anything and then had a few shots with zayn..i wasn't bothered about getting too drunk because we never had school the next day anyway. I saw a familiar face heading towards me and rubbed my eyes until i could see clear..i started running towards what seemed to be jess,hannah and lauren then all kisse my cheek and i started talking to them about me and sam,i told them everything,about what happened when i stayed at his and all the threats i even told them about my plan for tonight,they were so worried about me and how upset he made me then all hugged me and walked over to the lounge as i walked back over to zayn and the other boys.."zayn.." "yes babe?" "I need to start this plan" "yeah okay,want me to come with you?" "na,ill be back in a minute or so" "okay babe" he kissed my head and i walked into the lounge to the girls..I saw sam dancing with his friends,luckily he hasn't spotted me yet..I saw him staring at a girl and knew he thought she was goodlooking..once he looked away i went over to the girl to talk to her.."hello,im demi and you are?" she looked at me weirdly.."hi demi,im clara"wow her name was as beautiful as her.."do you like anybody in here then?" i know i sounded creepy but if i wanted this plan to work i had to make it work.."i kind of like this one boy but dont know if he likes me.." "who is it then?" "Sam.." "what sam from the football team?" "yeah" Perfect..she likes Sam and the way sam likes her i can see he likes her too.."go over to him?" i demanded "i cant,im scared.." "don't be he's a nice guy" i was obviously not going to tell him he was horrible,i know its mean of me to tell such a nice girl to go out with a horrible guy but i can't keep getting hurt day after day.." "Do you think?" "yes,he's lovely,just go over to him and ask him to dance with you" she looked quite scared but went anyway,please please please say sam likes her too..Clara walked over to sam and whispered something into his ear,he grabbed her hand and took her to dance..once i looked at them i noticed they were kissing..PERFECT!! i felt a smile grow on my face,the other girls saw too and hugged me..I ran over to the kitchen to what looked like Zayn to tell him the good news but noticed he was kissing another girl,i felt heart broken,he told me he loved me,i told him i loved him..this cant be happening, i felt a lump in my throat and burst out crying..i ran out to the girls and asked them if i could stay at one of theres as i couldn't go home like this..I jumped into jess's car and told the girls what i saw Then i saw zayn walking out the house shouting my name.."jess just drive..please" jess drove us to her house and we all slept there.

Zayn's P.O.V

As Demi,wen't to do her 'plan' to try and get Sam a new girlfriend me and the boys went outside and took a few beers out with us.."so guys what do you think of demi?" they all liked her..i mean really liked her like she was a sister to them..which is really good because we both love eachother and i've never loved anyone like her before..After what seemed to be forever i walked into the kitchen to get another beer as we ran out i saw two people making out in the middle of the kitchen..the girl looked quite slutty and the boy..well he had a black quiff like me and wore clothes similar to mine..weird,well i pushed past them to see a girl who looked like demi,she ran out the front door with the girls and went straight to her friends car "Demi" i shouted but the car drove away..what the hell happened. 












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