starting over

17 year old demi moves school's not knowing the one direction boys are there for 2 months finishing where they left off..she didn't expect to fall in love with mr zayn malik,but not everything goes well for the new student..she then has a horrific night with Sam the head of football..not leaving her alone,Sam will do anything to get Demi back even if that means destroying her love for one direction member..


2. party

"How was your first day at school sweetheart?"

"yeah it was good mum,i've been invited to a party tonight with these 3 girls,they're really nice"

"aw you made friends already"

"haha yes mum,well im going to get ready.."

i ran upstairs and felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, i received a text from jess.

'Hey babe,it's jess,the party's at 7,what's your address and were pick you up later'

I replied to the text with my address,this party's going to be great.

I slipped on a te amo short jeweled swee dress with beige high heels to go with it and semi matte lipstick,and some mascara..with some light eye shadow, i sprinkled some perfume on and puffed my hair up and straightened it with a middle parting, When i was done i looked in the long mirror and actually liked my appearance,i looked much older than 17..

I heard a car horn outside a straight away knew it was jess i hugged my parents and left.

"wow,you look gorgeous dem" they all said in unison, "so do you guys.." We all sang in the car on the way to the house where the party will be..

*skip car journey*

we walked into the house party,and jess was right it was a huge was packed with people grinding against eachother and doing shots..i walked straight to the kitchen with the girls and we done a few shots of vodka to make us feel more alive..We drank 5 shots each then had some Smirnoff, I walked into the living room with a bottle of smirnoff in my hands whilst dancing with jess,lauren and hannah. I could hardly walk with all the alcohol inside of me,i took my heels off and picked them up so they were in my one hand whilst i was dancing.. As The girls and i danced i felt a tap on my shoulder i turned around to see Zayn standing behind me smirking. "z-z-zayn,hey" my speach was slurred but he could just about understand me.."dont you think you've had enough dem?" he laughed "zayn,im only just starting babe" i muttered in his ear,he grabbed my hand and took me outside where we could actually hear eachother talking,my legs felt like jelly but i knew i needed some most drinks so whilst we went outside i grabbed a bottle of jack daniels to take with me.. we sat down on some chairs facing eachother, "so you have only just started school and you're already partying,wow" "yes,thats what i do zayn,why are you here anyway,shouldn't you be writing music?" he laughed at me whilst half smiling " not really,and i got invited too..and the other boys are here too somewhere" wow,i haven't met the others i really want to  though.."oh.." i opened the bottle of jack daniels and took a huge sip from it until only half of the bottle was left," wow,you sure know how to drink" he laughed "yes zayn, i need to start the party off.." i  giggled whilst getting from out the chair. I suddenly tripped over and landed on zayn's lap whilst laughing.. "don't you think you've had enough.." he ordered and took the bottle off me.."zayn,i've only just started and im not going to stop yet.." "yes you are,you're already off your head" "you're not my dad.." "im just trying to look after you and stop you making a big mistake "zayn,i dont need you to look after me ok?" i walked away from him and went back inside the house.. I saw a brown curly haired boy known as harry styles with his over 3 band members niall,louis and liam,maybe this is a good idea to introduce myself.."hello boys,w-w-what you guys doing then,im the new girl demi,just s-s-started school today and you must be one direction.." they all laughed at me whilst i took another sip of some vodka which i grabbed from the living room table.."yeah hey,dont you think you're drunk enough.." liam muttered.."babes,i've only just started", I then fall over whilst harry helped me me.."come on,lets get you some water" he whispered.." no its a party,you don't drink water at party's im fine seriously.." "no you're not" Then zayn came in and grabbed the vodka from my hand trying to help me "zayn, what are you doing,i was drinking that.." "zayn do you know her?" louis muttered "yes met her in detention today,she's the new girl.." i laughed at them all as i grabbed the vodka from zayn's hand and drank abit more "demi,you have had too much." "why are people so controlling,i know when i've had enough not you so stop telling me what to do" i shouted at them whilst walking off. they all stared at me so i decided to give them something to stare at, i started dancing with a boy whilst he put his hands on my waist i wrapped my arms around his neck and started kissing him..i looked at the boys and they all looked at me worried. " Demi come on,we're leaving now.." jess grabbed my arm and we helped me to her car as she drove me home, how can i go home like this,my mum will kill me.."demi,how have you drank so much.." hannah slurred out "i dont know i was just enjoying myself thats all".. once they dropped me off at my house i quietly sneaked to my bedroom trying not to wake anyone up..A soon as i got undressed i lay down and as soon as my head hit the pillow i was asleep straight away..










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