starting over

17 year old demi moves school's not knowing the one direction boys are there for 2 months finishing where they left off..she didn't expect to fall in love with mr zayn malik,but not everything goes well for the new student..she then has a horrific night with Sam the head of football..not leaving her alone,Sam will do anything to get Demi back even if that means destroying her love for one direction member..


4. In his controll

I woke up whilst Sam's arm was around my waist,i felt sick looking at him,i slowly removed his hand away from me and ran to his bathroom. I looked through his bathroom cabinet and found a brand new toothbrush thank god..I placed some toothpaste on and brushed my teeth as hard as possible not leaving any trace of Sam's taste in my mouth..I felt to ashamed..Every time i thought about what happened i had tears escape my eyes.

I walked out of the bathroom to see Sam changed and ready for school,"babe you can choose something to wear from my closet,help yourself" He smiled then walked down stairs into the kitchen,he's lucky he has the house to himself all the time as his parents were always away on business much as i didnt want to wear his clothes i had to,he ripped mine last night. I picked out a oversized grey sweater with some black skinny jeans which i folded up and i then slipped on my white vans. I couldn't be bothered to do anything with my hair,i really wasn't in the mood so i just left in wavy and put my boy london beanie on, i walked downstairs to find Sam on the phone. I silently listened to his conversation,it must of been one of his mates from the football team.."yeah kid,we went all the way,honestly she was amazing.." he muttered on the phone,what the fuck,so he goes a head and tells all his mates we had sex,i wouldn't call raping someone sex,he should be ashamed,all boys seem to care about is 'lad points' As i walked through the kitchen he put the phone in his pocket and gave me a fresh bottle of water. "thank you" "right,lets go" I followed him to his car and then we drove off to school.

As soon as we arrived he helped me out the car,my head was still pounding and my eyes were so red from crying.."babe come on" he grabbed my hand so are fingers were locked and then he lead me inside. As we walked to my locker to put my books in everyone started staring at me,i mean i wouldn't they i was dating the captain of the football team,that's every girls dream,well not mine..i would rather drink my own vomit than go out with him..if people really knew what he was like he would be nothing..nothing at all. As soon as we got to my locked i unlocked it and physically threw my books in there.once i locked my locker up Sam forced his hands on the lockers leaving me trapped, He kissed my lips,i couldn't bare it,every time he touches me my skin crawls,when he kissed me a tear left my eye,But i had to stay strong i had to hide the tears and pretend to be happy around him even though i was far from happy,as we ended the kiss i saw niall,harry,liam,louis and zayn stare at us..They obviously knew something was going on,Sam held my face in his hands and kissed my head "bye babe" "bye" he then walked off,as soon as he walked off another tear left my eye and just as the boys were about to come up to me I walked to my first class which was English..

After spending 5 minutes trying to find my class i finally found it,just as i walked in i saw all 5 of the one direction boys sitting along the back row, fuck this lesson's going to be dreadful.."morning miss pierson,nice to meet you,go sit near the back next to david" "morning,and okay but who's david?" i wish teachers would just explain who i had to sit by and what they looked like.."he's the boy with brown hair,the desk infront of zayn and niall" "okay thanks" sitting infront of zayn and niall,can this lesson get any worse..I take my seat next to the dark haired boy called david,he was pretty damn cute. "nice to meet you demi" "yeah and you" i rested my head on the palm of the hand and looked down at myself,i looked like shit..I needed to check the time but the clock was behind me and i didn't want to make eye contact with the boys,they would only ask me questions about what happened at Sams..I decided to turn around anyway,we have 50 minutes left of this lesson,great.. just as I was about to turn around the the front again i felt a hand grab my arm,i suddenly had a flashback of when Sam grabbed my arms last night and pushed me on his bed,a few tears escaped my eyes as i turned around but i just ignored it.. "whats wrong dem.." zayn asked "nothing" when i mean nothing i mean everything..everything's wrong but i can't tell anyone.."then why are you crying" i placed my hand on my face and felt the tears stream down my cheeks..i wiped them away with the over sized sleeve of Sams sweater,even the smell of his clothes make he hurl. "demi,what happened at Sams?" "just leave it zayn" i turned around ignoring the conversation just as i was about to rest my head on the table Mrs baker our English teacher came and spoke to me. "Demi can i have a word outside please"she demanded "sure miss" She lead me outside whilst everyone looked at us in confusion.."demi,is everything okay,i saw you crying?" "yeah miss its just,its just." just as i spoke to her tears streamed down my face,fuck what am i meant to tell her now..i can't tell her about Sam.."demi,it will feel better if you tell me whats going on" i had to make something up,the tears wouldn't stop "its just i had a arguement with my friend thats all miss honestly dont worry" "okay well don't worry about it it will be okay" if only she knew what actually happened,she wouldn't be saying its will be okay if she knew what Sam did,I walked back in class with red eyes and tears running down my face i wiped them away with the  was sleeve of the sweater and everyone was staring at me wondering what was going on,not even the 1D boys new what was going on..I walked back to my seat and carried on working ignoring everyone around me.

Once the bell rang i ran straight to the toilets to grab some tissue,i saw my reflection in the mirror and burst out crying,what has happend to me,i've been to school for 3 days and i already wish i could go back to my old school..if only i never went to that stupid dumb ass party non of this would have happend. I walked to my next lesson which was Maths,it was pretty lucky i was right next to the maths block so it never took me long to find my class. i walked in and everyone stared at my pure red eyes. i looked around the class to see my worst night mare, I saw Sam sitting in the corner of the class staring at me confused,he did this to me,he's the one who hurt me.."hello Demi,nice to meet you, i'm mrs cook,you can sit next to Sam today" "okay thank you" urgh why do i have to sit next to him..maybe i should talk to him, i walked over to my seat to find Liam Payne sitting 2 seats away from us,he was staring at us mostly all the time. "hey gorgeous" sam smirked as i sat down, "Sam i need to talk to you.." i whispered "okay,what?" he let out in a confused voice. "I can't be with you" he looked at me with a angry look on his face like he wanted to hit me. I was terrified "what,are you kidding me?" "Sam,i dont love you,i never will,im sorry" "you do love me,your just confused" is he serious,im defiantly not confused.."no,im not,last night you hurt me,you hurt my feelings,i dont love you and i never will,you need to move on to someone who will love you.." he slammed his hand on the desk to make everyone turn around "okay,you're right,i can do way much better than a whore like you,and you know what im going to tell everyone how desperate you are.." he actually scared me the way he slammed him hand on the table "do what you like,i dont care what people think of me sam".."haha babe,you will soon enough" what did he mean by that?..


As soon as the bell went for lunch i walked into the canteen,i got a fresh bottle of water and nothing else,i wasn't in the mood for eating,even though i did end it with Sam i can never let the memory go of him raping me,it will always be in my mind.. "Demi" i heard a sweet voice call me from the other side of the dinner hall,it was Jess,I looked at her and went to sit by jer,hannah and lauren.."demi,you're so lucky so go out with Sam,everyone loves him,everyones jealous of you" i looked at her weirdly,why would they love him,whats too love.."I ended it,so they won't be jealous anymore.." they all looked at me shocked "are you mad?why dump him,he's gorgeous", "i cant say anything here,i'll tell you all later" "okay" I Heard a silent voice call my name it was liam,he called me over to sit by them lot.. "guys i'll see you later yeah,meet me by my locker after school,im going to sit by liam and everyone" "okay" i walked over to them and sat down,a few girls came over asking for their autograph but they refused as they weren't giving people autographs at the moment.. I buried my face in my hands whilst i could feel all the boys staring at me.."Demi,whats going on?" louis whispered. i looked up at him "what do you mean?" "i mean you and're wearing his clothes, everyone's talking about you both saying you both had sex and shit.." i looked at them all with and ashamed look, " i dont want to talk about it,not right now" i muttered " "we're worried about you Dem" Even though i've only known the boys for 3 days i was becoming so close to them,i know i was a fan before but i wasn't an obsessed fan i just liked there music.."theres nothing to worry about,honestly" i turned around to see sam stood right behind me "sam what do you want..", "i want an explanation" was he serious.."for what?" "why did you end it?" "sam you know why i ended it..i'm not going to say infront of everyone because you will be the one getting hurt not me.." i gasped "was it about last night?" "yes,it was" he placed his mouth by my ear "i would do it over again if i had the chance"he whispered making sure no one heard but everyone was watching, I Then looked at him with a mad expression and slapped him around the face as hard as i could,everyone was staring but i didnt care,he deserved it..noone had a clue what we were talking about or what he whispered to me that made me so angry but they really wanted to know..he looked at me up and down for the last time held his red cheek with his hand and walked off.

I Sat back down with the boys and carried on talking. "wow" harry said "what harry?" i muttered "what was that for?" "if only you knew.."



I walked to my last class,everywhere i walked i had eyes on me,like i was a piece of dirt but to be quite honest i've never really cared what other people think of me..they can think what they want,it doesnt hurt me. I had another English lesson So i walked in and smiled at Miss Cook,even though i've ended it with Sam the memory will still be on my mind..Everyone was staring at me but i just ignored them and sat next to David again. "oi demi" i looked behind to hear zayn calling me, "yeah?" "wanna come round mine later and watch movies with me and the boys" "yeah sure" i gave him my number so he could text me about it later and as i looked at the rest of the boys they all smiles as they were quite excited. "i'll text you later and ask for your address and i'll come pick you up" "okay babe" i smiled at him and turned back to the front of the class and carried on doing my work..

As class finished i walked to my locked and got my books out and put them in my bag,as I locked my locker i saw Sam with another girl,wow he moved of quick,but atleast i didnt have to deal with him anymore,but the memory will never go..I walked out the school gates to see my mums car,i hopped in and smiled at her. "so how was school sweetie?" "it was alright,im going to zayn's house later with him and the boys to watch a few movies" "zayn who?" i looked at her confused "omg i haven't told you have I?,well one direction are at our school for two months finishing the last 2 months they missed before they auditioned for Xfactor,well i've become really good mates with them.." "oh thats amazing,but you know your sister might want to meet them" "yes mum i know but she will have a little fit and go crazy,anyway zayn's picking me up later so she will see him then"..

We arrived at our house and i ran inside, i dropped my bag on the floor and kicked off my shoes,i ran straight upstairs to get ready..I got out if Sams clothes and threw them straight in the bin,i never want to see or smell sam ever again,he's one sick boy..I slipped on a pair of denim high wasted shorts,a dark red laced crop top,some dark red all star converse and plastered some foundation,mascara,eyeliner,eye shadow and red lipstick too,and also slipped on some hooped earrings then sprayed some dior perfume.

I Text zayn my Address and waited downstairs for him to turn up,unfortunately my mums told my little sister about the boys and that zayn's coming over so she's gone hyper..I haven't had anything to eat all day only an apple..I went to the fridge and got out a fresh bottle of water and had a quick chocolate bar,As soon as i finished the chocolate bar i heard the door bell,it was Zayn. "i'll answer it" i shouted, i opened the door to see zayn with his dark hair in the natural quiff wearing a part of black skinny jeans with a over sized white baseball top,he looked gorgeous as always,As soon as my sister heard his voice she came screaming to him, oh god "zayn,this is my sister molly,the one i told you about,the big fan of your's" zayn looked at her and gave her a hug he looked into her eyes and handed her 4 tickets for one of the boys concerts and backstage passes,she nearly started crying,then he hugged her "she's so cute" he muttered "thank you zayn, i cant wait to see you guys perform now,i love you all so much" she shouted, zayn smiled at her and kissed her head then introduced his self to my parents..After about a 10 minute distraction we finally left,i hopped into zayn's car as he drove me to his house.."oh and by the way,you look gorgeous,as always" I smiled and my cheeks became redder "thank you mr malik,and you look perfect as always" he smiled and placed his hand on my thigh whilst driving,i smiled at him and carried on looking out the window..


We all sat the on couch in Zayn's place all squashed up and watch Ted,I was sat inbetween Zayn and niall then sat liam,harry then louis,it felt cute. Something was said in the movie that reminded me of the night with Sam when he raped me,i could feel tears stream down my face,i quickly wiped them away but Zayn saw them.."Dem,can i talk to you in private a minute?" ugh he's gonna ask me what happend i just know it.."yeah sure" he lead me upstairs into his bedroom and closed the door behind him,his room was huge and so was his bed,wow..I sat down on his bed whilst he sat down next to me "so are you going to tell me why you keep crying?" "zayn,i can't,just stop worrying about me.." he muttered "i can't stop worrying,now tell me,you can trust me.." I felt even more tears leave my eyes "zayn,you're not going to like what i tell you but i don't want you to do anything stupid, just please understand.." "i promise i wont.." "right,i went back to Sams house last night and he kissed me then we went in his room and i told him i didnt want to have sex with him because i've only just met him,and i really didnt know him that well But he pushed me down on his bed and pinned me down,then I screamed telling him to get off me but he just put his hand over my mouth..zayn,he raped me,and its never going to escape my mind..and today in the canteen he whispered to me that if he had the chance he would do it again,and thats why i slapped him.." Zayn looked into my eyes he looked so shocked and worried at the same time.."dem,he's not going to hurt you again,I promise.." I dont know what i was doing but i then placed my hands in grip with his faced and kissed him but i was about to let go but he carried on,our lips were moving in sync,his hands were rested on my waist and i started playing with his hair..After about 30 seconds of kissing we then stopped,But i realised that i do really like Zayn,ever since i met him i've had a connection with him..And maybe he thinks the same. "zayn" i gasped "yeah babe?" "thank you for everything" i looked at him and smiled.."do you wanna stay here tonight babe?i would love some company" "yeah i would love too".














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