starting over

17 year old demi moves school's not knowing the one direction boys are there for 2 months finishing where they left off..she didn't expect to fall in love with mr zayn malik,but not everything goes well for the new student..she then has a horrific night with Sam the head of football..not leaving her alone,Sam will do anything to get Demi back even if that means destroying her love for one direction member..


8. im sorry

"Zayn,im so sorry,i feel so bad,urgh why have i got to be so stupid.." i looked into his dark lusty eyes nearly crying i was so stupid to think zayn would cheat on me,he was in love with me and i was in love with him.."dont worry about it babe,i'll see you innabit okay" he kissed my cheek and walked to his first lesson,which was probably detention for him..I walked into my maths class seeing liam smiling at me,i waved at him and walked to my seat forgetting all about who i sit by..SAM.

The one thing i know that makes sam tick is people who ignore him,which is actually a good idea to do in this lesson. i sat down in my seat next to sam biting my lip as hard as i can,shivers ran down my body and i could feel goosebumps all over,i was so scared of this boy. "hello gorgeous" sam whispered making his lips touch my ear,And with that i didn't answer,i ignored him which he hated. "liam,can i borrow a rubber?" yeah sure" he threw a rubber towards be as i erased some work from my book. i threw the rubber back towards liam and smiled at him.."oi,dont ignore me" sam rudely gasped but i just ignored him,it was like he was invisible.I smiled towards the front and carried on with my work. Once the lesson finished I saw zayn outside the classroom waiting for me,i walked over to him but i felt a cold hard hand wrap around my wrist,it was sam."You really think this is over dont you,well its not" he gasped i looked at him laughed and walked away showing him and everyone else who saw that i didnt care,zayn laughed too and with that we walked off hand in hand.

I felt so good about myself at the moment,I didn't care about Sam anymore all i care about is zayn, i love him and he loves me and thats all that matters at the moment,and noone will get in the way of that. Me,zayn and the rest of the boys sat down at the table in the dinner hall,we always sat right at the back,i dont know why but i liked it at the back. "im just gonna go get some food,back in 5" i said,whilst the rest of the boys nodded,i gave zayn a kiss on the cheek then walked off. I actually hate queuing for food,it takes so long and what makes it worse is when some boy in front pushing everyone,this needs to stop. "oi,stop pushing people" i demanded,the dark haired, tall boy looked around into my eyes,oh god. "oh hey love" it was sam.."oh hi,now please hurry up" "oo someones hungry" i was really hungry but he just wouldn't move.ugh I pushed past him knocking my shoulder against his and got the food and just as i was about to walk back to the boys i felt someone grab the back of my hair. "get off me." i screamed,i turned around to see what seemed to be sam's new girlfriend "don't talk to my boyfriend again you skank" she shouted,at that point everyone turned around and watched the entertainment. I laughed in her face. "I dont wan't to talk to him,you know what gaby,i actually feel sorry for you." i muttered. "and why's that?" "because your 'boyfriend' is a pathetic excuse of a human,i suppose you were desperate to go out with him then?i bet you know nothing about him?" Everyone glared at me in confusion. "of course i know him, is my boyfriend" at that point i had to whisper the rest into her ear,i didn't want anyone else to know. "well if you knew him enough you would know he was a rapist." noone else could hear but they did look annoyed,they wanted to know what i said. Zayn began to walk over to me. Gaby turned me around shocked and slapped me around the face and screamed "you're a liar" everyone stared again,just at that moment I threw the food on the floor and started to pull her hair and screamed back at her. "i wouldn't lie about something like that,if you did know him you would know what he's like" zayn tried pulling my off her but i just carried on pulling her hair whilst she was pulling mine,i then knee'd her in the stomach so her body hit the floor. 2 teachers came running towards us pulling gaby off the floor to take her away from me and another teacher took me to the detention room,i have never felt so angry in my life.

I was sat in the detention room with Zayn, we sat right at the back to the teach supervising us couldn't hear us talk. "what actually happened then Demi?" I turned my face to look at him then began to tell him. "well i told sam to stop pushing people but didn't know it was him then i pushed past him and his slaggy girlfriend grabbed my hair so i screamed at her and she told me to back off sam and i told her i don't want him and she was saying she knew him and everything and i told her if she knew him she would know that he's a rapist..then yeah the fight happened." And with that he placed him biggish manly hand on mine and locked our fingers together. "I need to tell you something Dem, I don't wan't to and I can't believe I have to do this but,me and the boys leave next week,we go back to our job and on tour,which means i won't be able to see you" My heart shrank,i felt a tear escape my eye,I let go of his hand and ran out the classroom and straight to the girls toilets. I loved him, He can't just leave me to deal with all of this..I'm the one picking up the pieces as usual,why me,why does everyone leave me?!..I then heard a knock on the toilet door. "Demi, let me in" it was zayn. "No,leave me alone", "i'm not leaving you forever" I ignored him and placed my arms around my head whilst looking to the ground. "let me in or i'll kick the door down" he muttered,i knew he would kick the door down but i just didn't want to risk it. Suddenly i heard a huge bang,I looked up to see the door off its hinges and Zayn stood in front of me. "zayn please" he picked me up bridal style whilst i cried in his chest.

I must have fell asleep in his arms because when i opened them I was at Zayn's house. "Zayn,why aren't we at school?".."School finished,you had detention the rest of the day anyway so i just brought you back here. "well i can't do this,im going home,see you around maybe." I looked at him with tears filling my eyes,Im never going to see the boy i loved again, no way he's too famous He'll never notice me after this.."No,you are not going,sit down dem,i need to speak to you,we're not ending anything like this." And with that i turned around to face him and sat down on the couch. "Dem,we're leaving to go on tour,its for 8 months, I can't do anything to stop it,I can't risk it,I love you and I will never love anyone as much as i love you,Im sorry,But We will keep in touch,I love you dem" I looked at him abit confused,and hurt,i'll never see him again he doesn't understand.."I love you so much zayn. I'll always love you." I walked away from him without looking back.











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