starting over

17 year old demi moves school's not knowing the one direction boys are there for 2 months finishing where they left off..she didn't expect to fall in love with mr zayn malik,but not everything goes well for the new student..she then has a horrific night with Sam the head of football..not leaving her alone,Sam will do anything to get Demi back even if that means destroying her love for one direction member..


3. Hangover and school..

I woke up to the sound of my mum shouting head was pounding and i was not well enough to go to school.."demi,wake up you're late for school.." i quickly shot up and ran to the bathroom, i locked the bathroom door and straight away i leaned over the toilet to reveal all the liquids from last night rushing out of my throat,my throat was burning and my whole body felt like it was going to explode. As soon as i felt all the liquids come out i turned the shower on and stepped in..

*skip shower*

I walked into my room and took 2 paracetamols to help my headache,even though it never helped..I didn't care what i looked like today because i felt to ill to care,i just slipped some  dark blue skinny jeans on,a black new york sweatshort,some white vans and a black boy london beanie on.. I didn't have time to do anything with my hair so i just kept it wavy..i didn't bother putting makeup on i was too hungover,i grabbed a bottle of water from the kitchen then mum drove me to school as quick as possible 

As soon as i got to school i ran to my first class which was science again so i luckily knew where i was going as soon as i walked in the teacher had ago at me.."right demi,you're late,go to the detention room.." urgh,why does she always have to give me detention..but to be honest ill just take a nap in there i feel to dizzy to work.."I got told to come in here because i was late to lesson,all the boys stared at me and started whilstling again..i was hung over and looked like shit how could they possibly still think i look good?.."okay,sit down at the back where you sat yesterday.." i held my stomach in pain and walked slowly to my seat. "demi.." i looked to my side and found zayn trying to talk to he always in detention too or something.."what zayn?can't you see im in too much pain to talk" i was too annoyed to talk.."sorry but, are you okay?from last night, you went mad" did i really go mad?i honestly cant remember anything..shit.."oh i cant remember but yeah im okay i guess just have a really bad hang over.." he looked at me worried but just before he could say anything i put tired to get sirs attention "sir,i need to go to the toilet,i feel sick.." "you'll be fine demi,just stop talking" suddenly i could feel all the liquid about to come up so i ignored what the teacher said and i ran out of detention to the toilet whilst holding my mouth closed with my hand..

Zayn's P.O.V

As i looked up at the door i saw demi enter she looked really pale and i knew straight away she had a hangover,well anyone who drunk a bottle of vodka,half a bottle of jack daniels and had 5 shots would have a hangover..She still looked gorgeous though..i looked at her as she went to her seat and held her stomach with her hands.."demi.." i whispered.."what zayn?cant you see im in too much pain to talk.." wow maybe she was still angry..""sorry but, are you okay?from last night, you went mad'' "Oh,i can't remember but yeah im okay i guess just have a really bad hangover" I was just about to say something but she ran out of class,i knew she was going to be sick,she was too pale.."sir,shall i go and see if she's okay?she's really ill.." i gasped hoping he would let me.."yes,then tell her to come back in here. I walked out detention and went into the toilets to see how she was she leaned against the toilet being sick whilst releasing tears from her eyes.i decided to grab her hair and hold it behind her face making sure she doesn't get sick on herself. "zayn.." she cried out,i felt so sorry for her,i know what its like to have a really bad hang over,it honestly feels like you're dying and coming to school is just worse.."don't worry dem,just keep breathing in and out.." as soon as she made sure all of the liquids were gone she ran to the sink and washed he face with the tap water and drank some water from a bottle and spat it out "here" i gave her a chewie making sure she didn't spell of sick,she smiled at me and placed the chewis inside her mouth. "thank you zayn,honestly i should of listened to you last night.." i just gave her a smile but didnt reply,i pulled her against me and gave her a hug whilst rubbing her back." dont worry you'll be fine babe" i explained to her..


Demi's p.o.v

I didn't really feel like eating but i still went to the dinner hall to find jess,hannah and lauren. "demi" i heard a bunch of boys calling me,i looked behind to find the one direction boys calling me,i walked over to them to see what they wanted.."yes?" i asked in annoyance "come sit down" they all said in unison,i sat down inbetween harry and zayn whilst they told me about last night at the party, "im sorry if i shouted at you guys last night..i didn't mean to." "its fine,you were too drunk to realise what you were doing,but you seemed to be having a good time" harry smirked, as soon as the boys turned to look behind me i also looked and there stood a tall brown haired boy "hey babe,come sit by me.." i looked at all the boys "um, who are you?.." i asked looking suspicious "babe,don't you remember,im the boy you snogged at the party last night" oh shit.."im sorry but i didn't mean it,i was too drunk to realise what i was doing" "dont worry babe,you made my night" he grabbed my arm making me stand up.."get off me.." i commanded "you're my girlfriend now come on" he dragged me to the table where him and his friends were sitting whilst i mimed a 'im sorry' to the one direction boys. "so come to my house later babe", "and why would i do that?" "because you're my girl and you want some fun." i laughed, was he serious,but he was right i did need to have some fun whilst i was out of school or i'd just be lay in bed on my own watching films.."okay,pick me up after school then,meet me by the gates" i commanded and walked away.

I walked to my last lesson of the day and Sat down next to harry. "demi can i ask you something".."yeah sure" harry had a worried look on his face.."you aren't going out with that sam kid are you?" "and what if i am?He seems like an alright lad,he invited me to his tonight.." "he's trouble.." how would harry know he hasn't been at this school for long either they are only staying for 2 months anyway.."are you jealous styles?" i laughed and looked him in the eyes "well you are gorgeous but im not saying it because im jealous im saying it because im warning you".."wow so you are jealous?" i laughed at him "it doesn't matter,but don't say i didnt warn you.." well what would harry know..i'll show him that sam isnt dangerous..


"hey baby" sam placed his hand on mine and took me to his car.

"hey babes" we got in his car and i saw the one direction boys stare at us like they were worried,seriously sam can't be that dangerous,i would know by now..

When we walked into sams house he grabbed my waist and started kissing my neck. "come on"..he grabbed my hand and took me to his room.."Sam,i'm not having sex with you.." he gave me a death look and started to laugh.."yes you are,you're mine and you're gonna be what i say.." is he for real "no sam,no im not going to do what you say,stop bossing me around..we have only just met im not having sex with you." he pushed my onto his bed and ripped my top off me and my jeans,he then took his clothes off,i felt so scared,i tried to get up but he was too strong,maybe harry was right,he was dangerous.."sam get off me" i screamed "he just carried on and took my underwear off,he then removed his boxers and climbed on top of him,"sam please.." i screamed in his ear,i was so scared.."shutup" he demanded, he started to kiss my neck and begin to go further down until he reached my thighs,he then quickly inserted himself inside me whilst i started screaming to get him off me but he placed his hand over my mouth and carried on and as he started getting faster i felt tears stream down my face.

Once he finished he got dressed and chucked me one of his over sized t.shirts and a pair of his boxers to wear as he ripped my clothes.."babe don't cry,you know you wanted it,now text you're parents and tell them you are sleeping at a friends house.." i still couldn't stop crying..i didn't want to sleep at his i didn't want to wear his clothes or be around him now,he makes me sick..but god knows what he would do to me if i didn't do what he said..I got my phone and text my mum.

'mum im sleeping at a friends house,i'll see you tomorrow love you xx'

I then put my phone on Sams side table in his bedroom and went to the toilet. 





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