starting over

17 year old demi moves school's not knowing the one direction boys are there for 2 months finishing where they left off..she didn't expect to fall in love with mr zayn malik,but not everything goes well for the new student..she then has a horrific night with Sam the head of football..not leaving her alone,Sam will do anything to get Demi back even if that means destroying her love for one direction member..


1. First day

*beep beep beep* I whack my alarm to make the dreadful beeping noise fade away,I open my half asleep eyes to find the sun beaming through the blinds into my eyes,I throw one leg after the other onto the floor and run straight to the bathroom and take a shower,The Hot water hits my body like a ton of bricks and the coconut smell from the shampoo lingers around my hair.

Once i'm finished in the shower i walk to my room to try and find something to wear,So today's my first day at my new school,i'm not looking forward to it at all..mum wanted to move to London for a fresh start,meaning me not getting into any bad crowds and improving on my school work,i totally agree with the idea but having to leave my friends behind has to be the worst feeling ever.. All because My mums also been offered a promotion and she took it obviously..and unfortunately its here,in London. urgh,i dont have a clue what to wear,what if there's really cute boys?..

As i looked through some of my clothes i finally found something decent to wear..I put some denim high wasted shorts on,a Burgundy short sleeved crop top, with a gold chain and some black studded vans..perfect. I plastered on a bit of foundation,mascara and eyeliner but not over done..Hm i'll just keep my hair naturally wavy in a middle parting,i actually look decent.

"mum,im ready,can you give me a lift please?"

"yes,yes come on then" I grabbed my brownish handbag and ran to my mums car.

*skip car journey*

I walked into the school and found my locker straight away,which is good because it's right by the doors as you walk in school..Now i just need to find where my first class is. "hello can i help you?,you seem..lost?" I heard a strange old women say coming from behind me,"oh yes,im new here,im trying to find wear room 302 is?i have science.." "oh yes,follow me,you have miss Anderson"..I followed the short old lady to my first lesson,she seemed quite nice.

"hello miss Anderson this is a few girl who's just started,she's here for her first lesson" the short lady explained "oh thank you miss Kimberly, you must be Demi, Demi pierson?" "yes,yes thats me,nice to meet you" I smiled at her,she seemed like an alright teacher.."okay you can sit at the back next to simon" im guessing simon was the one with the spare seat next to him..jeez why dont they just say 'yes go sit next to the boy with the blondish hair'..not like i would know who simon was if i just started..duh.

"right everyone get out your books today we will be learning about acids" she muttered whilst giving me a new book. "hello demi,im simon, nice to meet you" this blondish haired boy introduced his self whilst looking up and down at my body.."yeah nice to meet you simon,but my heads up here not down there.." how rude.."oh sorry,its just hard to take my eyes off such a stunning girl like you" wow one thing i've learned today so far is the boys are very,very cheeky and quite desperate.."well thanks but you should really be listening to the teacher not staring at me.." God what was his problem.." Miss pierson Stop talking to simon" The teacher instructed me "he was talking to me miss." "no excuses,if i ask you again it will be the detention room for you.." wow,i take back what i said about her being nice..she's a right bitch.."you're really beautiful" simon gasped to me..again", "stop talking to me,i dont want to get in trouble on my first day.." He was a right creep,i felt so uncomfortable around him..all he did was stare at my body.."Right,demi come with me,its detention for you.." great,detention on my first day,mums going to flip if she finds out.. "but simon keeps distracting me,he should be the one going in detention" i gasped almost shouting at her."dont tell me what to do,now sh and follow me" i followed her to the detention room in annoyance.. "Demi sit over there" she directed me right at the back near the window.."mr perry demi's the new girl,she has to stay for the rest of the lesson to learn how to be quiet".. everyones eyes were on me,a group of boys at the back starting whistling at me,wow.. i rested my head on the desk ignoring everyone in the room and wrapped my arms around my head.."Demi, Sit up" I heard the teacher say,i was too busy in a daydream to react so i just ignored him.."DEMI!" i carried on ignoring him until he got out of his seat and slammed a book on the desk next to me "demi.." I lifted my head up to find the teacher staring at me with an angry face,everyones eyes were on me..I slouched down and scraped my finger nails,it was so boring in there.. "pssst..pssst" i looked next to me to find a boy who i recognised next to me,he had black hair in a messy quiff with dark lusty eyes, "im zayn,zayn malik" he explained, wow i knew i recognised him, "im demi,demi pierson,hang on,aren't you from that band,one direction?" "yes,yes i am" he smiled,i knew it! "so why are you here then?shouldn't you be singing somewhere?" i sounded quite rude but i was honestly so annoyed.."oh me and the boys are finishing the 2 months off here that we missed before we were on xfactor" Um why would you go back to school if you were famous.." oh nice..but why?you're dont need school" "yeah we know but we wanted a change" He was so gorgeous but i wasn't the type to fangirl over him.."are you a fan?" "no,but my little sister is.." I wasn't going to admit i loved them,i just needed to act cool about it.."oh i see" he smiled at me and winked.

*skip detention*

Finally lunch time,i'm starving..I Looked around the dinner hall full of people,i didn't know any of them.."hey,you must be the new girl,come sit with us?" i looked behind me to find a sweet blonde haired pretty girl with 2 other girls with brown hair.."hello yes,and thank you" "so whats your names?" i asked "well i'm jess,and this is hannah and lauren" the blonde girl said whilst pointing to her other two friends. "nice to meet you all,im demi" They all smiled as we just spoke about my old school.."want to come to a party tonight with us?its going to be huge" "yes,i love party's" i muttered whilst we exchanged numbers, "okay i'll text you later and we'll pick you up later then" "yes,okay,thanks" wow they were so nice,i can't wait till later now..























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