starting over

17 year old demi moves school's not knowing the one direction boys are there for 2 months finishing where they left off..she didn't expect to fall in love with mr zayn malik,but not everything goes well for the new student..she then has a horrific night with Sam the head of football..not leaving her alone,Sam will do anything to get Demi back even if that means destroying her love for one direction member..


10. 1 year later

"Would you like a hang with those box's?".."no thankyou" I carried the rest of the box's filled with my stuff in my new apartment,i've moved to London in a flat full of studio apartments,My life wasn't the best but it wasn't the worst. I finally stopped thinking about zayn he was just an old memory after that. I left school a year ago and finally moved out to move here in london. 

Once i finished unpacking my stuff i needed a hot drink,hm How could i forget to pack food..thats the main thing you need in a house. I grabbed my purse and phone from the kitchen table and shut the front door to head to the shops. I pressed the button on the lift making it go down. Once it got to the 3rd floor a young man stepped in with blonde hair with a beanie over it,i could recognise him from somewhere but couldn't quite put my finger on it. "This may sound strange but is your name demi?" "yes,why?" i kept my head down the whole time,it was strange, i could recognise the stong irish accent. "Demi,its niall" My head shot up "omg niall!!" i jumped on him and hugged him tightly. "so what are you doing here nialler?" "i live here,floor 3,how about you?" "omg thats weird because i live on floor 4" "well i have to get off here but we defiantly have to hang out soon,it was great seeing you again demi,see ya" I waved at him and stayed in the lift until i hit the bottom floor,it was strange seeing niall and most of all he lived in the same block of flats as me,maybe the other boys do aswell,but that means zayn might..I walked out of the lift once it stopped at the very bottom and just as i walked out of the entrance doors a brown curly haired boy pushed past me causing me to fall over. "Im so sorry love" his british accent sent me chills. "it's okay, dont worry about it,im clumsy" He laughed but when i looked up at him i realised it was harry styles. "omg,demi is that you?its been so long" "harry!!" i hugged him as tight as i possibly could. "do you live here too?" i asked "well yeah,do you?" "yeah" "well we need to all hang out like old times,i need to go,see you around demi,ive missed you" "missed you too,and yeah" I then walked off towards the shops which were luckily only down the road. I can't believe i've seen harry and niall,i've missed them both so much,the cheekiness and the sweetness from both of them use to always cheer me up,why did we all loose contact?..

I arrived at a small super market and walked around the shop throwing stuff in the basket i was carrying in my hands,Once i was sure i had everything i needed i placed all of the items on the till. "anything els.." before the women could finish her sentence she looked up at me and smiled "demi" she literally screamed "Jess,how have you been?" "i've been good,im better now you're here,so do you live around here now then?" "yeah do you?" "yeah" Once i gave her the money to pay i packed the food in the bags,i could of spoke to her all day but the customers were rushing me. "here's my new number text me as soon as you can" after she gave me her number i walked out the shop with the carrier bags in my hands.

I arrived back to my apartment after a slow walk from the shops and i placed the shopping bags on the floor whilst i looked for my keys in my pocket,once i found it i unlocked the door and took the shopping bags inside. I put all the food away in the kitchen then checked the time. it was 11 pm once i was done unpacking the shopping. I was so tired from the journey here. I got undressed and put on a over sized shirt with some fresh sweats. I jumped into bed and just as i closed my eyes i heard a knock at the door. who could that be at this time?.. I got out  i off my bed and went to the door my long curly hair was in my face so i pushed it away before opening the door i saw two boys, with brown curly hair and one with blonde,it was harry and niall. "Wow dem,put some clothes on" harry laughed. i looked down to find i had no trousers on just a shirt and sweats,damn. "sorry i was just about to sleep,what do you guys want anyway its like 12?" "we just wanted to ask what you were doing tomorrow night?" "nothing,why?" "come on a night out with us?" "i would love too" "Ok,great we'll pick you up at 7pm,night love" harry said then they both left. great a night out with them should be a laugh. I slammed the door shut and jumped straight back into bed.


I woke up to the sound of banging,it was coming from the next door neighbors. I decided to ignore the sound but then it got louder. right now's a good time to meet the neighbors. i walked out my apartment door and knocked on the neighbors door,i only had an over sized shirt on with sweats but i didn't care. my hair was naturally curly and everywhere. I waited a little while until a blonde haired girl answered the door with just a dressing gown on,she must have lived here. "can i help you?" she sounded pretty rude. "yes, i know it sounds rude but can you please keep the noise down,i'm your new next door neighbor.." she looked at me stunned, she was so pretty,i actually did recognize her. "oh,i'm so sorry, this is my boyfriends flat anyway, babe,the new neighbors came to visit" "okay be out in a minute" i heard a strange familiar voice say. "we're so sorry about the noise,my boyfriend gets very fiesty in the mornings haha" "oh" was all i could say,if they were having sex in the morning they could at least be a bit less noisy. I heard footsteps coming towards the door i felt awkward for some reason so i just looked to the floor. "hello there,you must be my new neighbor" i looked up to find the one person i was trying to avoid seeing "Wait,demi?" "this was a mistake i need to go,sorry to disturb you" i ran straight to my apartment and slammed the door. Ugh out of all people why did zayn have to live next door?.

Zayn's POV

"babe the new neighbors came to visit" was all i heard perrie say "ok be out in a minute" i shouted back, i quickly put some boxers on and some jeans followed by a top and walked towards the door to find my new next door neighbor,it was a young girl who looked about 19 or 20 with long curly hair she looked beautiful,i couldn't quite make out what she looked like because she was facing the floor.."hello there you must be my new neighbor" was all i said, she then looked up and my heart stopped "wait,demi?" it was the girl i was in love with a year ago, the girl that i would always love,the girl i couldn't stop thinking about ever since we left her. "this was a mistake i need to go, sorry to disturb you" she ran back to her apartment and slammed the door. i cant believe she lives next door now. why wouldn't she talk to me?did i do something wrong when i last saw her,its been so long yet when i saw her she still made me get butterflies. "who was that?" perrie asked "oh,just an old friend" i explained but she wasn't just a friend she was the girl i truly loved the girl i would do anything for. "oh why did she just run off?" "i don't know,she was always like that back in school" i lied. I couldn't take my mind off her,i needed to see her soon.

Demi's POV

I got changed into a boy london crop top with some denim high wasted shorts and some black vans. I wore the usual makeup which was foundation, mascara, eyeliner and dark eye shadow, i kept my hair puffed up and natually curly and grabbed ,my black handbag then left to hit the town. My mind was still on zayn.








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